How To Change Your Password On Asana

If your Asana account contains a lot of sensitive data about your work, business, or company, it is good practice to change your password every once in a while. It can reduce the chance of a security breach and other people gaining access to your account. So if you want to reset your password, check our quick guide below.


We use passwords to access our accounts on different websites or platforms online, including Asana. This feature adds a layer of protection so that only the user can verify their identity and open their account.

However, passwords can get compromised or leaked to unauthorized people. And since Asana doesn’t have other security features like the two-factor authentication, anyone can access your account as long as they know your email and password.

Although Asana detects new login sessions and notifies you through your email, that’s pretty much it. With that in mind, changing your password from time to time is a good idea.

If you’re new to the platform and is still unfamiliar in handling your profile settings, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Here’s our quick guide on how to reset or change your password on Asana.

How to Change your Password from Account Settings

As long as you remember your credentials and you can log in to your account, you can change your password from your profile settings. So if you know how to manage your profile settings, the process is pretty simple.

But if you’re not familiar with your account and how to navigate on your settings, don’t panic, since we got that covered. Follow the quick step-by-step tutorial below to change your password.

  1. On the “My Tasks” page, select your profile picture on the header to open your Profile Settings.

    Alternatively, you can click your profile icon at the upper right corner of the screen and select “My Profile Settings” from the dropdown.

  2. Under the Accounts tab, click “Change password.”

  3. Enter your current and add the new password on the blanks. Your new password must contain at least eight characters to change your settings. After you finalize your new login credentials, click “Save.”

Note: Users who use Google to directly sign-in to Asana do not have an option to change their password. You need to logout first and request a reset password link from the login page of Asana.

Unfortunately, the Asana mobile app on Android doesn’t have an option to manage your account credentials. However, you can use the desktop view on your Google Chrome and the steps above to change your password.

How to Reset your Asana Password

If you remember your password, changing them through the settings is pretty simple. However, if you forgot yours or you use Gooogle SSO to access your account, you need to ask for a reset instructions link from Asana.

In any case, you can request to reset your password on the login page of the platform. All you have to do is enter your email, check your inbox, and follow the instructions from Asana.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Using your web browser, visit Asana. Also, make sure to log out of your account if the site automatically signs you in.
  2. On the homepage, click Login.

  3. Click “Forgot password?

  4. Enter your email and click “Send Me Instructions.”

  5. Check your inbox and open the email from Asana. Click the reset link provided on their message to open profile settings on your account directly.
  6. Add and confirm your new password. Click Save to apply the changes to your account.

Note: You can also use the desktop view on your Google Chrome app on Android and follow these steps above to reset your password.

To Sum It All Up

Your Asana account may contain a lot of sensitive and important information about your work, company, or business. It is good practice to reset your password credentials every now and then to protect your account from unauthorized people.

As long as you have your current password, you can change it to a new one from your profile settings. But if you can’t access or sign-in to your account, you can also request for reset instructions.

Now that you know how to change or reset your password, you can now manage your account. If you want more tips, tricks, or guides, don’t forget to bookmark our page and subscribe to our newsletter.