How To Change Your Name And Profile Picture In Notion

Do you want to update the personal information you display on your Notion account? Or do you want to add a decent profile picture for your workspace members and guests to see? Either way, we got you covered. In our guide below, we’ll show you how to change your account information on the Notion desktop or web app.


If you’re using Notion for personal purposes such as taking notes, creating tasks and managing your databases, you can name your account anything you want since you’re the only one who can see it. You can use a nickname instead of your full name if you don’t want to upload your personal information on the platform.

However, working with other guests and other workspace members is another thing. You might want to add a profile picture and your full name to display a decent account on the app.

Thankfully, Notion allows its users to change and update their personal information anytime they want. You can find the option to do so on the “My account” tab on the Settings & Members window on the desktop and web app.

With that in mind, here’s our guide on how to change your profile picture on Notion.

How to update your account information on Notion

If you want to change how your workspace members and guests see you in Notion, you can choose to update your account information on the app. You can upload a profile photo and change your name for everyone to see.

You can only change your account settings on the Notion desktop or web app. In our step-by-step tutorial below, we’ll teach you how to do so.

  1. Launch the Notion desktop app or visit their web client on your preferred browser and sign in to your account.
  2. On the sidebar located on the left part of your screen, click “Settings & Members.”

  3. Head to the “My account” tab.

  4. Click “Upload photo” to add a new profile picture from your device.

  5. Scroll down to the Personal info section and change the first and last name on your account.

  6. Once you finish changing your account information, click Update to apply the changes.

Any changes to your account information apply to all your workspaces on Notion. So if you’re using the app as a team or company, you might want to add a decent profile picture and add your full name to your account.

You can always change your profile photo and name on Notion whenever you want. However, please note that you can’t change your account information, aside from your password, on the mobile app. You need to sign in to the web or desktop app to make the other changes to your account.

To wrap things up

That’s how you update your personal account information on Notion. You can always change your profile picture and display your name on the app, anytime you want, whenever you feel like it.

All updates to your profile apply to all workspaces connected with your account. As such, you might want to update your information and display a decent profile, especially if you work with other people on some of your workspaces.

We hope that you find this guide helpful in updating your account information on Notion. If you want to read more tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit us frequently, and check our daily posts or updates.