How To Change Your Discord Background

Discord offers a plethora of options for chatting, talking, or streaming for gamers, but much fewer options to change your Discord app’s background. This tutorial will walk you through how to change your Discord background for both your computer and phone apps.

Discord is a free VoIP app that’s particularly popular with gamers. It’s an excellent way for gamers to build gaming communities outside of the games they play. Discord is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and web browsers.

Currently, you can only change your Discord background to either a light or a dark one. However, there are more granular options for changing how your messages are displayed on the screen that you can play with to your satisfaction.

Changing the Discord Background on PC

Open up your Discord app and click the small gear icon at the bottom of your screen to go to the User Settings. You can access your user settings regardless of which server you’re on.

Under your User Settings, go to Appearance.

Under Appearance, you’ll find the two settings to turn your background light or dark. The small window above the settings shows a preview of how Discord will look with the settings applied.

To change the app’s appearance to light, just click on the Light option.

You also have the option to keep the sidebar dark by switching on the Dark Sidebar.

The other settings also help change the way your messages look, where Cozy shows messages in a relaxed setting that shows enough space for messages and profile photos to be clearly seen. Compact, on the other hand, will keep messages close together to fit more on the screen, so no space is wasted.

You can also change how the messages themselves look at a more granular level under the Accessibility section. You can increase or decrease font sizes, spaces between messages, and even zoom level to fit your own comfort levels.

Change the Discord Background on Mobile

Changes you make to Discord are usually carried across all platforms you are logged into, but you can choose to keep the Discord background on your mobile phone different from your desktop or web browser versions.

To start, access your User Settings by clicking on your profile at the bottom of the screen.

Under User Settings, click on Appearance. Right now, Discord is on Dark mode. We’ll change that in the next screen.

The Appearance tab shows you the same settings as on the desktop and web versions. After picking your theme, you can also choose to sync this setting across all of your clients by ticking the Sync feature on. To keep it only within your mobile app, turn the Sync feature off.

To switch to the Light theme, pick Light.

If you want the app to follow the phone settings for when to turn the visuals to light or dark, choose Automatic. This will dynamically change the background to light or dark, depending on your phone’s settings.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend plugins or apps that purport to change Discord’s background with custom themes, as these go against Discord’s Terms of Service and may affect the app’s performance. For now, all we can do is pick a light or dark option and hope that Discord rolls out with their own custom themes to play with.