How To Change To Discord Light Theme

Discord is a free platform anyone can use. It is one of the most popular social platforms for gamers. It’s ideal for communicating, expressing yourself, and building a lasting community. You will have the opportunity to meet new faces every day. You will exchange strategies and experience the games together. 

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Discord’s main goal is to bring everyone together. That way, gamers can get involved with one another, make friends and have a wonderful time. That’s why more and more people dedicate their time to this social platform. 

Like any other platform, users want to customize their profile. Since they want to spend even more time on the app, they look for options to make the app more visually appealing. People love to customize, and that is why Discord has implemented a fancy feature that allows you to change the color of the theme. 

When you download the app, the first thing you will notice is the dark theme. This theme is popular because it is easy on the eyes. But, if you want something lighter, you can always pick the light theme. 

It all depends on personal taste. Some people like the dark theme and others prefer the lighter one. If you want to change the color of the theme, here is a guide that can help. We will show you an easy way to change the color.

This step-by-step guide is easy to follow. You will change the color of the theme in no-time. Here is how you can do it in desktop.

Step 1

This is the simplest feature you can toggle on Discord. All you have to do is look for the settings menu on the left side of your Discord. It is next to your profile image right after the microphone and the headphones button. Click on the settings menu to find the option you need. 

Step 2

This is the “User Settings”. Here you can play around with all the features Discord has to offer. To change the color of the theme, go ahead and select “Appearance”. See the screenshot below if you can’t find it. 


Step 3

This is the last step. After you select “Appearance” this is the new submenu that will pop up. Here you can toggle the color of the theme. You can select either dark or light. If you want to play around with the settings you can change the message display, font scaling, and zoom. These are all great options that will help you make your platform more convenient and easy on the eyes. Experiment with these settings to find which one suits you best. 

Here is also how you can do it on mobile.

Step 1

Open your discord on mobile. Once you already in the main screen of discord select the user icon at the bottom of the screen to access user settings.

Step 2

In the user settings, scroll down and look for appearance. Now you already in the appearance section, choose the theme whether dark or light.

That’s it! Now you know how to select the light theme in Discord. 


Not everyone likes the dark theme. That’s why Discord implemented an option for you to change the color of the theme. This is one of the most useful features. Some people find it more appealing to look at the light theme, while others prefer the dark one. Whichever you like, you can toggle it and enjoy.

Changing the color of your theme is very simple. After all, it takes only 3 steps for you to follow to get to the settings menu. You will immediately get the hang of it. Of course, Discord offers plenty of other features as well. So, feel free to experiment with all of them to see which one better suits your preference.