How To Change The Workspace Color In Slack

Do you want to change how your workspace on Slack looks like on your end? Do you want to use another color for the sidebar, texts, and other parts of your interface? If that’s what you want to do, you can opt to customize your theme on the app. Follow our quick guide below, and we’ll show you how to change the primary colors of your Slack workspace.


In Slack, users can customize the interface of their workspace on the desktop and web app. In this way, anyone can choose how the platform looks on their end.

Aside from using dark mode, you can also opt to change the primary colors of your theme in Slack. Since some people don’t like the default dark purple theme of the workspace, this option gives them the freedom to choose what’s comfortable for them.

With that in mind, here’s our quick guide about customizing the theme on Slack.

How to change the primary colors of your Slack workspace

If you’re not fond of the default color of Slack, you can opt to change it and use one that you like. You can even choose to make a custom theme and set colors for your sidebar, texts, and other stuff on your workspace.

You can find the option to change the theme color on the Preferences options on the Slack web and desktop app. Follow our quick guide below, and we’ll show you the steps in doing so.

Note: Your theme settings vary from one workspace to another. As such, you can opt to use different colors in each of your workspaces to tell them apart.

On your computer:

  1. Open Slack (web or desktop app) and sign in to your workspace.
  2. Click your workspace’s name on the top left and select Preferences on the menu.

  3. Head to the Themes tab.

  4. Scroll down to Colors and choose the theme you prefer. Alternatively, you can customize the theme to change the colors for your navigation bar, mention badge, columns, and other stuff on your workspace.

As you can see, you can choose from a multitude of themes that are suitable for your style. People with color-blindness can also find themes that can help them use the app better than the default color.

Please note the pre-created themes looks darker and different on the dark mode on the Slack desktop and web app. However, custom themes stay the same, whether you use the light or dark mode on your account.

Unfortunately, customizable theme colors aren’t available on the Slack app for mobile. However, you can still use dark mode if you don’t prefer the default colors on your workspace.

If you think that you have the best color combination for your theme, you can share them with your friends. To do so, copy the values when customizing your theme and send it to others.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to change the color of your Slack workspace, you can customize how it looks on the desktop and web app. As such, you can choose any color combination that suits you best.

Always remember that your theme settings are different for each workspace you have on Slack. You can opt to use a distinct color for your accounts so that you can tell them apart much easier.

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