How To Change The Video Quality On Crunchyroll

Through upgraded encoding settings, the video quality of Crunchyroll can be increased in a significant manner. It can help improving the quality of those watching in high definition, as well as those watching on a certain bandwidth on their devices.


Improving video quality through a transition over cloud platform:

It is known that a lot of people want the quality of Crunchyroll video to get improved. To improve through the introduction of VRV and the increasing viewer base of Crunchyroll, transiting to cloud encoding and delivery has been found out to be a better strategy. The shifting towards advanced cloud delivery mode is indeed capable of delivering enhanced and consistent video streaming quality. It can also provide additional encodes.

Earlier the same encodes were not dealt with thoroughly within the setting section for encoding. This is discovered after the catalog being encoded. Distributing through flawed encodes, after a certain period of publishing though minimized the late.  Great to see is that the Crunchyroll community threw light on the issue about such transitional encodes not being up to the mark from a quality point of view. One may claim that the entire effort towards quality enhancement and whatever success that has been got is a result of raising the concerns.

Making the latest encodes available anytime:

Talking about the present scenario, it is undeniably true that the quality concerns regarding Crunchyroll have been addressed to a much extent. Many people have successfully changed the video quality on their devices. In fact, various encode profiles have been rolled out and has been transitioned to. All these have been done through the effort of the latest cloud video encoding platform. The interesting part is that these latest encodes are being considered as the prime mode of digital streaming for audiences that can be made available anywhere, and at any time. One can witness the upgraded encodes instantly for simulcasts upon moving ahead. The whole of the back-catalog can also be enhanced through advanced settings once the transition to the latest cloud platform is done as desired.

How have things changed?

Most people doubt what changed through the transition. In other words, they are clueless about the difference between the earlier old Crunchyroll video and that of the latest ones. In this context, it is evident that the older video platform encoder quality was basically making use of ABR all over, for the entire episodes, as well as the series. This turned out to be the one-fit size for all, for each show or in each episode where a certain Bitrate is used to deliver up to the mark quality. This strategy is very much equivalent to that of per content-encoding transition strategy as applied by Netflix. The effort is on towards shifting to changing bitrates and introducing CRF setting. This can make the consumers restricted in terms of bandwidth on their smartphones to enjoy videos of better quality. This is so as the Bitrates of videos is not manually restricted to greater extents, as it is a witness with the older video encoding models. However, it is true that in certain cases of challenging scenes, greater Bitrates can be used in comparison with the older videos of the Crunchyroll platform. The upgraded encoding model is expected to keep on enhancing and assuring about advanced quality in bigger content distribution scenarios.

Ultimately it can be claimed that the concerns of video quality regarding Crunchyroll are soon going to be addressed. The powerful encodes can deliver many improved results with a much consistent Bitrate. In comparison, the quality of video delivered can be of way optimal standard. Though the improvement is very much on, or the things are going to be even more superior. It’s all about the latest encodes that are able to providing higher bitrate for challenging scenes. After all, the quality issue appears only with these challenging scenes. Through customization, things can be even more even quality enriched. The good news is that the same is very much expected in coming future. Anyway, upon marking the latest encodes with the latest series, it can be marked that the simulcasts moreover move in the forwarding direction.


From the discussions above, it can be easily concluded that the challenge of changing or enhancing the video quality of Crunchyroll is not just manual; it’s way technical. The latest encoding technique indeed has delivered noteworthy results. Moreover, the future technical advancements towards improving the video quality of Crunchyroll are also expected to be based on making the encoding and technology infrastructure moving ahead. At the same time, the association of upstream content providers also are expected to play a vital role in enhancing quality and resolution.