How To Change The Primary Owner On Slack

Are you thinking about leaving the management of your Slack workspace to another member? Or are you planning to say goodbye to your organization or workspace for good? Either way, we got you covered. In our guide below, we’ll teach you about transferring the ownership of your workspace on Slack to another member.


Over time, organizations, teams, or projects may change for better or worse. As such, the ownership of a workspace on Slack may change over time as well.

Thankfully, transferring the Primary Owner role on Slack isn’t a hard thing to do. However, keep in mind that the new owner gets full authority over the workspace, including managing members and deleting the workspace.

Nevertheless, there are times when owners might want to step down from their role on Slack. Some people opt to leave the organization entirely, while others find it draining to manage their workspace over time.

In any case, here’s our guide on how to transfer workspace ownership on Slack.

How to transfer the ownership of your Slack workspace

If you’re planning to leave the workspace or step down as the Primary Owner, you can choose to transfer the ownership of your Slack workspace. In this way, your team or company gets to continue their work without migrating to a new workspace.

You can transfer the ownership of a workspace by visiting a specific page on your web browser. Follow our step-by-step guide below to learn how.

  1. On your computer, open the Slack desktop or web app and sign in to your workspace.
  2. Click your workspace name on the top left of the screen, hover to “Settings & administration,” and select “Manage members” from the menu.

  3. Click the three dots beside your account and select “Transfer ownership” on the options that show up on your screen.

  4. Choose the workspace member that you want to be the new Primary Owner and enter your password.
  5. Click the Transfer Workspace Ownership button and confirm your decision.

Once you transfer the ownership of your workspace, it immediately takes effect, and there’s no way to undo your decision. As such, you might want to give it some thought before and make sure that you’re ready for the consequences.

The new Primary Workspace Owner gets full authority over your previous workspace. These permissions include transferring the ownership to other users as well.

Please note that Enterprise Org owners can transfer their organization to another member. However, they’ll need to contact Slack and include the new owner’s email address to do so.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how to transfer the ownership of your Slack workspace, you can now hand over all responsibilities to another member. In this way, the project can still continue even if you leave Slack for good.

If you’re planning to deactivate your workspace account as the Primary owner, you’ll need to transfer the ownership first. On the other hand, you can also export all data on your workspace and delete it afterward.

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