How To Change The Paper Size In Google Docs

When we’re working on a certain article or piece of writing, there are instances where we have to follow specific formats or instructions. Changing the font style, size, spacing, margins, and page size are some of them. These can easily be done by accessing the menu bar or the tools at the upper part of your Google Docs page.


However, how do you know where to locate each? You might not be that familiar with every features Google Docs has to offer, and that’s where these guides become so much essential.

For this specific blog, we’ll teach you how you can easily change your document’s page size in accord with your preference.

1. Open a document in Google Docs and select “File”.

The “File” button can easily be seen at the top-left side of the menu bar. If you’re still having a hard time locating it, here’s where it’s placed in the picture.

2. Look for Page Setup.

After clicking the FIle button, just scroll down a bit until you see the Page Setup.

3. Choose your prefered paper size.

Click Page Setup and look for the “Paper Size” button. To choose the size you desire you want your document to change into, simply click the arrow down as shown in the picture.


In just 3 simple steps, you were able to learn about changing your paper size. It may be easy, yet a lot of users still fail to notice these features in Google Docs. If you also need to change the paper size of the document you’re creating for school submission or things as such, just take note of this 3-step guide and you’re good to go!