How To Change The Page Color In Google Docs

What we commonly use Google Docs for is in making essays, assignments, research, and writing in general. As you’ll notice, it’s probably why it has plain white as its default color. Yet sometimes, we have this urge to change it depending on our needs.


Let’s say you’re planning to create a brochure in Google Docs. You don’t want it looking plain or colorless, right? That’s why for these purposes, changing the background or page color can really be a good thing.

Let me teach you the simplest way to do it.

1. Open a new document or click the existing one you want to edit.

Opening the document you wish to edit is the very initial step you have to follow.

2. Click “File” and look for Page Setup.

The File button can easily be located at the top-left side of the menu bar.

Once you click it, scroll down until you find the Page Setup at the bottom. Make sure that after you select it, you should see something like this:

3. Look for Page Color and change it according to your preference.

You’ll see the page color at the lower part, just click it and change it to any color you want.

Manage Your Documents with Ease

Yes, you’ve solved your problem! I hope that with this guide, you can now use and explore Google Docs more comfortably. No matter what kind of documents you wish to create, Google Docs has many amazing features to offer!