How To Change The Language Used In Google Drive

When you’re using an app, do you prefer it when it uses a language you are not even familiar with? I’m sure not. But, what are you gonna do when a certain application you’re using starts malfunctioning and changes the default language to a different one? How would you change it?


If you’re a user of Google Drive and this has become one of your problems, this guide can instantly help you solve it. Take a look at these essential steps in changing the Google Drive language.

1. Log in to your Google Drive account and click on the gear icon.

If you’re not familiar with the gear icon, it actually is the Settings for Google Drive. You can locate it at the upper-right part of your screen.

2. Click “Settings” from the menu and then select the “General” option.

After clicking the gear icon, click Settings, scroll down, and click the “General” option once you see it.

3. Click on the “Change language settings”.

Under General, click the “Change language settings” beside the language section.

4. Select the “edit” option.

After you’ve clicked the change language option, it will direct you to a different tab. Now, look for the one symbolized by a pencil under the preferred language section. Once you click it, you’ll be able to edit and change it to your preferred language.

5. Scroll down and choose from the available languages the one that you wish to use. 

There are several languages you can choose from so you won’t worry about not being able to change it to the language you desire. Simply drag down the button on the right part of that section and choose from all the languages it offers.

6. Pick your preferred language from the list.

In the example below, I chose to change the language to the one used in the Philippines.

Once you’ve clicked the “Select” button, you actually don’t have much to worry about because it’s automatically saved after that!


You can do this not only in Google Drive but all other Google platforms as well — Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and the like. Like how it was explained in this guide, changing the language on these apps can just be as easy as this one!

For this article, changing the language in Google Drive was the only focus — yet at least you get to know that you can try it on other platforms as well!