How To Change The Group Photo On Groupme

GroupMe is a WhatsApp alternative that kicked its way to the instant message world in 2011. In the beginning, it could only be used by Windows phone users, but they decided to expand it and make it a multi-platform app/. In fact, it was the first app that introduced the group messages system, which helped it to stand from the rest at that time. Sadly, its main competitor, WhatsApp, introduced this feature and cause a setback on GroupMe popularity.


However, this app is quite different from the rest. For example, it works like normal SMS service, but with your phone network data. Not impress? Ok, what if I told you this app entitles you with more privacy. For example, imagine that you are in a university group, but you do not know all the people who are inside it. Do you want them to see your phone number? If your answer is no, you have come to the right place. With GroupMe, your phone number is hidden from people that you do not have on your contact list. So, no one that you do not know will ever write you an SMS or call to your personal phone. 

Another great functionality is that you can access your chats from either your phone or your personal computer. Yes, I know that you can do this with the others; but can you log from the computer without scanning QR code? With GroupMe, you can!

Because this is a quite new app, we will teach how to change your working or studying group profile picture, or how it is commonly known; avatar. 

Step 1

Open the app on your phone and click on the group photo that you wish to change. 

Step 2

Once you are inside the chat session, go to the top left corner and click on the group avatar. 

Step 3

Now, scroll all the way down on the unfolding menu, and click on the last option which should be “settings”.

Step 4

Once you are in the group settings click on the “edit group details”; it should be the first option on the top.

Step 5

Click on the change option which is beneath the current profile picture. 

Step 6

Choose the photo that you wish to use as your new group profile picture. Click next and wait a few seconds for the image to be uploaded.

Now, your group should have a new profile picture; it is as simple as that. But you have to note that you can only do this if you are either the group owner, or you have some sort of admin privileges. 

Before you ask; yes, it is the exact same process if you are on your computer. But if you wish to the group picture, it is better if you do it from the phone since it is more likely that you have all your photos there. Either way, you won’t have any problem changing the picture.