How To Change The Google Homepage Language

In today’s modern era of advanced technology, smart devices are an integral part of every individual around the globe. Now, people are mostly dependant on the internet for everything they require, be it a product or service. However, being the most popular and most-used search engine in the world, Google becomes an essential part of every device. The search engine has the information and answer to everything people search for. Since individuals are technologically-advanced now; they carry out all their functions by the help of the search engine. As Google is the top search engine of the world, most of the people rely on it for their tasks.


The responsive layout of the search engine makes to adopt the screen of every device, be it your desktop, Smartphone, or tablet. There are various options and settings in Google for providing better user experience for the people around the world. Google has the option to change the language in the setting for the individuals belonging to different regions of the world. You have the option to change your language on the Google home page for your convenience. There are many different regional languages in your country; you can choose from for a great browsing experience. People used to change their language on Google from the default English language to their regional or preferred language for their convenience. However, you can change the default language from English to any language you prefer on the homepage of Google at any time through these simple steps.

Change the default language from computer

default language

You can change the language from your computer through the following steps

  1. Sign-in into your Google account on your web browser
  2. Click on data and personalization
  3. Then scroll down to general preference for web
  4. Then click on a language

Google account

5. Select edit there

6. You will find a list of languages in drop down box; choose your preferred language there.

7. If you are comfortable with multiple languages, you can choose to add another language

Now, you can close the browser and reopen to brose on your preferred language.

Change the default language from Android

As people can use the search engine in every device, they can also change the default language in the android device.

  1. Open your android device (tablet or phone), go to Google app
  2. Login in to your Google account
  3. At the top, you can find the data and personalization
  4. Tap on the language in general preference for web
  5. Then click on edit
  6. Choose your preferred language from the list at top right

Change the default language from iPad or iPhone

  1. On your device open your Gmail
  2. Go to settings, then your account
  3. Go to manage your account, if you do not have Gmail account, you can go to
  4. Then at the top, you can find data and personalization, click on that.
  5. Tap on the language in general preference for web
  6. Click on edit language
  7. Choose your preferred language from the list

Well, these are steps for changing your default language on Google homepage, but there are times you may have a problem in changing the language of the search engine.

The changed sets do not work

After you have changed the settings through these steps, if your account does not match with your selected language, you should try one more time, clearing the cookies and cache from your browser. Clearing the cookies in your browser will remove all your previously saved settings, so, you have to take care of that before deleting the cookies.

When the language is not listed

Though Google has already listed numerous languages in the preferred language, there are some languages which are not listed. If you can’t find your preferred language in the setting, you can see alternate language listed under primary language in the language section. You can select that in your Google account and change that. The team of the search engine continues to work on supporting more languages in Google to make it a better place.

Since Google is the most used and preferred search engine around the globe, it has many flexible settings associated with it for the users. Whether you are browsing from your desktop, laptop, android, or ios device, you can follow these simple steps to change the language in Google homepage. Google is continuously adding more features to enhance the browsing experience of users every year.