How To Change The Firestick Account

The Amazon Firestick allows the user to enjoy the contents streamed over the web, on their Fire TV. Undoubtedly, it provides a huge range of amusing features. At the same time, it also holds the ability to set a link with the Alexa device. It is possible for a user to register and also deregister the Amazon account using firestick, and can also make registration with a fresh Amazon account through the Fire TV.


How to change the firestick account?

A frequently asked question about Fire TV Stick is regarding its capability of altering the accounts and setting multiple Fire TV Sticks with a single account. When it comes to setting multiple Fire Sticks with a single account, it is often reported that the users do possess around four sticks through the same account.

firestick account

One must understand that when the Fire TV Stick is provided, it comes is already registered to the account with which the user bought. While setting up, one can reach the concerned account it is registered with.

Provided below are the steps meant for altering the firestick account.


First of all, the user has to reach the primary display of the Amazon Fire TV.

  1.  Upon reaching the screen, the user has to get scrolled down through the options available there. It is important to understand that the user has to select the ‘Settings’ option to witness the settings of the device.
  2.  Upon clicking, the complete list of settings options does appear. From list appearing, it is suggested for the user to put a click on ‘My Account’ account option. This important whether the user is interested to register and deregister the concerned Amazon account.
  3.  Upon putting a click on my account option, it is suggested for the user to select the specific ‘Amazon account’ when it comes to deregister the Amazon account.
  4.  At the next stage, when the ‘Deregister’ option is clicked, the fire stick is going to get deregistered from the concerned content provided by Amazon. This also lets the user make the Firestick get registered with any other Amazon account.
  5.  Once the above step is followed, the user is going to get the confirmation dialog box for deregistration. At this step, the user needs to press the ‘Deregister’ option once again.
  6.  The user now reaches the option meant for registration. All that needs to be done is to put a click on the ‘Register’ option to make the connection set with Amazon account already present, through the concerned Fire TV. Otherwise, the user may press the option of ‘Create an Account’ for people not having any of the Amazon accounts.
  7.  At the upcoming step, the user is asked and has to provide the ‘Amazon ID.’ Next, the user has to put a click on the ‘Next’ key.
  8.  Reaching the final step, the user is essential to provide the concerned password Amazon account, and then put a click on ‘Sign In’ option to end the process of registration of the Amazon account with the Fire Stick.

One must understand the purpose of registration to clear all doubts. It is primarily meant to link the concerned device with the respective Amazon account.  Once done, this indicates that the user can be able to having access and can also handle the respective contents. At the same time, it also assures that the concerned device for Fire television can get the connectivity with the most suitable applications and providing the features available there.

Reaching the initial stage of installation, the directions are very much shown over the display about the most suitable way of enrolling a device by providing the details of the Amazon account. It is simply impossible for a user to

You cannot establish numerous accounts on a single device for Fire TV.  However, it is possible to register several devices on a single account. It means when a user wishes to change the account meant for Fire TV, first of the entire device has to be deregistered and registered back through the most suitable account.

After de-registering, it restricts the user to get enrolled simply by providing the Amazon accounts details.

In those occasions when the device is received as a gift the user probably may wish to get deregistered when the concerned person doesn’t provide the option of selecting “that is something special” at the checkout. After de-registering, the user may re-establish the device into the concerned Amazon accounts.