How To Change The Background On Google Meet

Do you want to make your meeting even more fun and lively? Or do you want to hide unnecessary things on your screen during a video conference? In any case, you now have the option to use virtual backgrounds on Google Meet. If you want to learn how to use this feature, we have here a guide that can help you. Whether you’re using your computer or smartphone for your meetings, we got you covered.


Meet is a popular video-conferencing service from Google that allows users to host and join meetings online. Although it doesn’t have many customization features back when it got initially released, it is a secure platform where you can connect with other people through virtual meetings.

Aside from these basic functions for a video conferencing platform, Meet also have some customization features that you can use to make your meeting fun and lively. One of these new features allows its users to change or blur their background.

Changing your background can help limit distractions and other private stuff that other participants may see from your end of the video. Follow our quick tutorial below to learn how to use this feature on Google Meet.

How to change the Google Meet background on your computer

If you’re primarily using Google Meet on your computer, you can change your to help limit distractions or to make your meetings fun and lively. You can choose to blur, use a pre-uploaded image, or upload a custom one from your local storage.

Before joining a meeting:

  1. Open your favorite browser and go to visit Google Meet.
  2. Start a new video conference or choose to join an existing one.
  3. At the bottom right part of the preview screen, click Change background.

  4. Choose which background setting to use.

  5. Click Join now to enter the video conference.

During a meeting:

  1. At the bottom right corner of your screen, click More options (three-dot icon) > Change background.

  2. Choose whether to blur, use a pre-uploaded image, or upload a custom background.

Note: When you change your background, your camera automatically turns on.

Please take note that using any virtual background on Meet can slow down your computer. To turn off this feature on your browser, access the Change background option, and click the cancel icon.

How to change the Google Meet background on Android

Currently, using images as the background isn’t available on the mobile version of Google Meet. Fortunately, you can blur your background as long as you meet the minimum Android version and hardware requirements.

Here’s how to blur your background before joining a meeting:

  1. Launch Meet from your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Before you join a video conference, tap Blur your background to toggle the feature on and off.
  3. Tap Join now.

During a video conference:

  1. Tap your screen to open the self-view window.
  2. Tap the Blur icon to toggle the feature on and off.

Please take note that using this feature on your video conferences may increase your battery usage. You might want to toggle it off when you’re trying to conserve whatever battery you have left.

Why can’t I change the background?

If you’re having some issues when using Google Meet’s virtual background, check if your device meets the requirements to use the feature. Aside from that, users who join a G-Suite for an education meeting can’t choose their background using images.

For computers, you need to use a supported web browser version like the Chrom M84 for Windows. You also need to enable hardware acceleration on your browser, and it must also support WebGL 2.0.

As for Android devices, you need at least 3Gb of RAM, 4 CPU cores, 1.6 GHz clock speed, and an ARM64 architecture for your hardware. Aside from that, your software version must be at least Andriod P or above.

Once you meet these requirements on your device, using the Change background option isn’t much of a problem. Just take note that it might slow down your device or increase the battery consumption.

To sum it all up

Thanks to Meet’s virtual backgrounds, you can now limit how much other people can see when you turn on your camera. By uploading your images to use as a background, you can also make your meetings more fun and lively.

Just remember that when you’re using this feature on Meet, it can slow down your device or increase the battery consumption. You might want to turn it off if you’re low on battery or if you can’t use other apps alongside it.

That’s all from our guide about Google Meet’s virtual background feature. If you want to see more tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit us regularly, and don’t forget to click the bookmark button.