How To Change The Background On A Firestick

Do you want a customized image as your background on the Fire TV? Adding background images on your Firestick is only possible via KODI. You can set any background image you want on the Firestick only on KODI. 


KODI is a software ideal for android TVs. It’s a great platform that offers multiple customization options for your TV and more. One of those customization options is the background image. Here is how you can change it. 

Step 1

Go to “Settings” on your TV. Scroll until you find “System”. Select it and go to “About”. Open it.

Step 2

Here, go to “Network”. On the right side of the screen, you will see the IP Address on your Fire TV. Make sure to write it down somewhere because you will need it later. 

Step 3

Now, to access photos on KODI, you will need ADBFire on your PC. If you don’t have it, you can install it from here. When you are done installing, launch it. This is the window you will see. Click on “New”. It is the option in the top menu right under “Control Devices”. 

Step 4

 Give it a description so you know what device you are working on. Under the “Description”, you will see the “Address” section. Here you want to type in the IP address you saved earlier. Make sure to write it correctly since this is the key to connecting everything to your Fire TV. When you are done, click “Save”. 

Step 5

In “Current Device” select the one you’ve just saved – the one you named. Then, press “Connect”. Your IP address will appear in “Connected Devices”. In “Preset Directories” click the drop-down menu and select “sdcard”. Click on “Push” when you are done.

Step 6

Now, you will gain access to the pictures you want to use as background images. Click the one or ones you want. Click “Push”. Your images will now be “Pushed”. 

Step 7

Go back to the Amazon Fire TV to start installing it. Open KODI and go to “Settings”. Then, select “Skin Settings”. 

Step 8

Go to “Background Settings”. This is the third option from the top. After that, select “Global Background” in the menu to the right. 


Step 9

 Here you can select the image you want to see as a background. You can even select multiple images if you want. 

Step 10

 To select the one you downloaded via the ADBFire, select “Root filestystem”. Go to the bottom of the list and click on “sdcard”. This is where you previously saved it. A new menu will pop up. On the bottom of it is the custom file you created earlier. Click on it. 

Step 11

Go back to your Home Screen and there you have it! Your custom background. 


Setting up custom background images on your Firestick is not easy. It will take some time. But, once you get the hang of it, you will do it all the time. There are plenty of options for you to experiment with. The KODI software app makes all of it a lot easier. Let us know if you found this guide helpful in the comments below.