How To Change The Background In Google Slides

Backgrounds are a very important element that highly affects the overall impact of your presentation. For instance, having an appealing background can help pique the interest of the audience and entice them to know more about what it is you’re presenting. On the other hand, it may already bore them with the first glance if it looks too dull or ordinary.


Therefore, it’s really important for you to know how to explore and be creative with your presentations. Don’t stick with the template you’ve got all the time, it won’t hurt to try and adjust it to match the topic and your preference.

To help you with that, let me teach you about the two ways you can change your backgrounds in Google Slides.

Changing the Background with an Image

You may have already seen this in a number of presentations and admit it — they look really nice when a high-quality picture is used. Well, if you want to do the same thing for your presentations, simply follow these steps.

1. Click Background and select “Choose an Image”.

You can easily access the Background button on the toolbar at the upper part of your screen. Once you see it, click it.

Afterward, a pop-up menu will show. Make sure to select the “choose image” option.

2. Upload the image you want to use as background.

You’ll then be directed to a pop-up that’s similar to the picture below. There, you can simply drag a file from your downloaded ones, or browse your computer files and select one from them. Other options can be directly uploading a file from the camera, by URL, Google Photos, Drive, and Image Search.

3. Wait for the changes to reflect on your slide.

Once you’ve chosen your desired photo, the background of your slide should immediately be changed as shown below.

Changing the Background Color

If an image as a background isn’t the best option for you, another thing you can do is simply change the background color of your slide. Check the process below to learn more about it.

1. Click Background and choose to change the color.

Just as how it is with the image, start by clicking the Background button but this time, what you’ll be clicking is the color button.

2. Choose the color you want from the palette.

Then, a color palette will show where you have a lot to choose from. If you want a simple color, you could just pick a solid color but if you want to add a bit of style to it, opt for the gradient color. However, you can also choose to apply a custom color if there isn’t even a single one you like in the palette.

3. Wait for the changes to reflect on your slide.

After choosing your desired color, it will automatically apply to your slide. A gradient-colored background looks like the one in the given example.

Make Creative Backgrounds with Google Slides

Now you have more options for upgrading your background editing to the next level! If you’re having difficulty about which among the two is the optimal one to use, don’t think too much because it really depends on you. I guess a tip that could help you would be to match the topic of your presentation to your background.

In that way, you’ll get to feel what might work best as a background. Either way, both are techniques you can always utilize to your advantage!