How To Change Settings In Among Us

Do you want to make your games on Among Us short and exciting? Or do you prefer longer discussion times to make room for more debates? In any case, you can always change the lobby settings when you host a game. Follow our guide below about the match settings you can tweak in Among Us and how to access them.


Every match you play on Among Us can have different settings. While the default and recommended settings are best for starters, some of you might find the gameplay too easy or difficult, depending on your skills and familiarity with the game.

Fortunately, you can tweak these settings to suit your tastes. Whether you want long discussions, shorter meetings, or faster gameplay, you can customize them all when you’re the lobby owner.

So for those who aren’t familiar with these features on Among Us, we have here a quick guide and introduction about the lobby settings that you can tweak on each match.

How to tweak the game settings in Among Us

When playing Among Us, only the host of the lobby can change the match settings. So if you want to play online with settings that suit your tastes, create and host a room instead of joining a random one on your server.

  1. In the main menu, tap Online > Create Game to host an online lobby. On the other hand, tap Local > Create Game if you want to play locally. Either way, you can change the in-game settings as long as you’re the host.

  2. Modify the preliminary match settings, such as the number of impostors, players, and the map in which you want to play. Tap Confirm to create the room.

  3. While waiting for other players in the lobby, move your character near the laptop above one of the containers, and tap Customize at the bottom right corner of your screen to change the match settings.

  4. Under the Game tab, you can find all the match settings that you can customize to make the game more interesting.

When tweaking the lobby settings, try to make the game fair for both the crewmates and impostors so that everyone can enjoy the game. For example, adjust the kill cooldown along with the emergency cooldown. But in the end, everything is up to you, the host of the game.

Here are some of the match settings and their meaning on Among Us:

  • Confirm Ejects: If you turn this off, you won’t know the identity of a player once they get ejected. In turn, the crewmates will have a hard time winning a match.
  • Emergency Meetings: By default, each player can call one emergency meeting per match. But in case you like discussing and debating with other players, you can try to increase the number to two.
  • Emergency Cooldown: The amount of time you have to wait after a meeting before you can call another one. Keep in mind to make this shorter than the kill cooldown unless you want to make it more difficult for the crewmates.
  • Discussion Time: How long the players can discuss and debate before making a decision. While a longer duration can make room for more debates, shorter ones can make the game more exciting.
  • Voting Time: The length of time where you can cast or skip a vote in a meeting.
  • Crewmate Vision: The vision range of crewmates in a match.
  • Impostor Vision: How far impostors can see in their field of view.
  • Player Speed: How fast a player can move around the map. This effect applies to crewmates and impostors, so be careful in tweaking this option.
  • Kill Cooldown: The number of time impostors has to wait after killing before they can kill again.
  • Kill Distance: The range of the impostor’s assassination skill.
  • Visual Tasks: A useful feature that enables visuals in some tasks that can help you verify whether a player is innocent or not. We recommend turning this feature off to make your games more exciting and fair for both sides.
  • Common Tasks: These are tasks that everyone can do in the game. Useful for catching impostors that try to imitate or these tasks.
  • Long Tasks: Multi-stage tasks that require more time to complete.
  • Short Tasks: Quick tasks that each player must complete in the game.

In case you want to reset these settings to default, put a check on the box beside the “Recommended Settings.”

To sum it all up

Now that you know how to change the settings in Among Us, you can now create lobbies that you and your friends can enjoy. Whether you all prefer longer games or shorter but exciting ones, these options are available for you to tweak and modify.

But keep in mind that when you customize your game settings, try to adjust it in a way that is fair and balanced for both the impostors and crewmates. In this way, everyone in the lobby can enjoy the game, and both sides have a chance to win.

That’s all we have to say in our guide about how to change your settings on Among Us. For more tips, tricks, and tutorials from Swipetips, bookmark our page and visit us regularly for our daily updates.