How To Change Fonts In Notion

Note-taking has been a very effective practice done by a lot of people to improve their productivity rate. Because of this, there has been a lot of scheduling and note-taking apps that are now popularly used on a global scale—one of them is Notion.


I’m very sure you’re also familiar with it. However, it’s quite a complicated tool that has a lot of features which makes it difficult to use, especially if you’re new to using it. Nevertheless, just like any other apps, it allows you to schedule things by creating a calendar, take notes for your college courses, track your expenses through a table, and many more.

If you try to explore its features, one of the things that I think excites most people is playing with fonts, and Notion has just the right offer for that. Though it has limitations, the app allows you to change fonts.

If you want to try this next time you’ll be taking notes, here’s an easy guide you can follow.

1. Visit your Notion app and go to the page you wish to change the font.

To better illustrate how it’s done, this is the page I opened as an example.

2. Click the three horizontally stacked dots at the upper-right corner of the screen.

This button is very easy to see. Upon clicking, you’ll be shown a lot of options—including the three kinds of fonts you can choose from.

3. Choose the font you desire.

Now, you choose between three types of fonts: Default, Serif, and Mono. Your font will probably be in default, so you’d technically be choosing between Serif or Mono. Once you click the font you want, it’s done. You’ve successfully changed your page’s font style!


Notion has more amazing features you still have to explore and try, changing fonts is just one of them. Though it’s somehow limited when it comes to customization options, there’s no doubt that it’s capable of letting you work smoothly and comfortably.

For now, this is just what this guide offers to teach you. Whenever you’re struggling with understanding the use of fonts in Notion, just read this again and things will become much easier for you!