How To CC In Gmail On Desktop Or Mobile

When sending an email, we sometimes want or need to send it to multiple persons but not as the primary recipients. And so, instead of writing them an email one by one, you can just CC them in Gmail. It allows you to copy that person while showing that they’re not the main recipients of the email and that you don’t actually need a direct response from them but need them to see the contents of the email.


If you want to try this feature in Gmail, here’s a guide on how you can CC different people both on your desktop and mobile.

Composing a New Email

When you wish to CC, you can either use it when you’re composing a new email or replying to a specific sender. We’ll first discuss the step-by-step process of CCing when beginning a new email.

1. Open Gmail and begin composing a new email.

After logging in to your Gmail account, click on the “Compose” button at the upper-left part of the screen.

2. Click “Cc” on the “To” block of the email window.

Once you hit the “Compose” button, a new email window will appear. You’ll notice that at the upper part of that window is the “To” block and at the rightmost side of it are the buttons Cc and Bcc. Click Cc if you want to use it.

3. Type in the recipient’s email address.

Cc will appear just below the “To” block on the email window. Beside the Cc button, enter the recipient’s email so that he or she will be able to view the content of what you’ll be sending.

Replying to an Email Thread

Now, it might be difficult for you to locate the Cc or Bcc button when you’re replying to an email thread, so here’s a guide you can check to help make everything easier for you.

1. Choose the email you want to reply to.

Among your email list, click on the specific email you wish to send a reply.

2. Select reply at the bottom of the thread or email.

Scroll down until you reach the end of the thread and click “reply”.

3. Click the indicated email address on the “To” block of the thread or email so that the Cc button will show beside it.

A text box will appear after you click reply. After that, look for the email address of the sender on the “To” block.

Click it and select “Cc” beside it.

4. Enter the recipient’s email address.

On the space beside the Cc button, enter the name or email address of the recipient.

Key Takeaways

Knowing how to CC is an important mailing etiquette. Therefore, it really is essential to learn how you can easily apply it when sending several emails to different persons. This guide has already provided everything you need to know when you want to CC in Gmail.

Make sure to remember every step indicated in this, but you’re also free to go back and read the article anytime you want!