How To Capture Monsters In Monster Hunter Rise

Do you ever feel a little sorry whenever you kill monsters in Monster Hunter Rise? Looking for a more humane way to progress through the game? Say no more. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to capture monsters.


What is Capturing a Monster?

Capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise is as exactly as it sounds. You go on a quest and you capture Large Monsters for loot. Whenever you take up a Hunting Quest, you have the option to kill or capture the target monsters. While killing monsters is easier, capturing them can take a bit of work. You need to meet certain conditions before capturing a monster but doing so can get you some pretty rare materials. 

Why Capture Monsters?

It’s better to capture monsters instead of killing them. Some rare materials you need for stronger weapons are usually obtained through capturing monsters. You can check your Hunter’s Notes to find out which materials you can get by capturing a monster. In short, you may get better loot when you capture monsters. 

Capturing monsters can also save you a lot of time when finishing quests. Monsters get a huge boost in strength whenever they’re about to die, making it more difficult to land the final blows. When you capture monsters, you won’t have to deal with monsters in this state. You’ll conserve your resources and allow you to end the hunt early. 

What Do You Need to Capture Monsters?

You’ll need a few things before you go and capture monsters. The first thing you’ll need is traps. There are two kinds of traps, a Shock Trap, and a Pitfall Trap

Both traps are easily obtainable when you start the game. You can get both by combining a Trap Tool with either a Thunderbug, for a Shock Trap, or a Net, for a Pitfall Trap. You can buy a Trap Tool from Kagero the Merchant or the Guild Store for 200z. Thunderbugs are also quite common, especially around the Shrine Ruins. A Net, on the other hand, requires an Ivy and a Spider Web to craft. 

Next, you’ll need Tranq Bombs. Tranq Bombs are used to put monsters to sleep, though it will only work if a monster is trapped on either a Shock Trap or a Pitfall Trap. You can also buy these from both stores. If you don’t want to spend money on Tranq Bombs, you can also craft them by combining a Sleep Herb and a Parashroom. 

How Do You Capture Monsters?

Alright, do you have everything you need to capture a monster? Good. It’s time you know on which quests you can capture monsters. Any Hunting Quest allows you to capture monsters. These quests allow you to either Kill or Capture monsters. You’ll see the kind of quest you are taking on the top portion of the quest details. You can also if your quest is a hunting quest if it has a small red logo beside the quest name that looks like a dinosaur’s head.

The other kind of quest is a Capture Quest, where you need to capture the monster or else you’ll fail the quest. You can also notice that it has a different logo beside the quest name and says that you need to capture a monster on the quest details.

These are the only quests where you can capture monsters. You can also capture monsters on Expedition Tours but they won’t yield as many rewards as actual quests.

Now that you know which quests to take, let’s go to how you’ll catch a monster. First, you need to track down your monster and battle it. You can press the Right Thumbstick on your Joy Con to track the monster on your map. 

Next, you’ll need to battle it until it is in a vulnerable state. If a monster is weak enough to capture, you’ll see that it is limping and you’ll see a blue icon flashing on the monster’s location on your minimap. Your Palico will also mention that the monster is ripe for capture.

Once the monster is vulnerable, it will try to escape. You have two options on how to proceed. Your first option is to use a Flash Bomb to prevent its escape. The other option is to let it escape, and track it down again. The second option would be easier as once you track down the monster, it will usually be sleeping making it easier to trap.

Next, you need to place a trap near the monster. It can be a little tricky to get the monster to your trap, but you can always try to lure it using a Stinkmink. 

Once the monster is trapped, use your Tranq Bombs. Make sure to throw the Tranq Bombs near the monster’s face for maximum effectiveness. You need to hit it with two Tranq Bombs before they’ll be subdued and the hunt will be finished.

Useful Tips

  1. Some traps are ineffective on certain monsters. A Nargacuga cannot be captured using a Pitfall Trap unless it is enraged, so it would be better to use a Shock Trap instead. A Zinogre is also immune to a Shock Trap so when you want to capture one, you need to use a Pitfall Trap. 
  2. You can only capture Large Monsters except for Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters. Most of the quests involving these monsters usually require you to slay them anyway so keep that in mind. Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters are also completely immune to traps so, it’s no use to bring traps when doing quests that involve these monsters.
  3. You will be provided with EZ Shock Traps and EZ Tranq Bombs on all quests that require you to capture monsters. You can get them in the supply box near your camp. Remember to use these first before using the items from your stock as these are items that are only available on the quest, meaning you can’t take some of it with you once the quest is done.
  4. Don’t forget to check the Hunter Info on the start menu if you ever need a refresher on how to capture monsters while in game.

So there you have it! Capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise is pretty easy if you know what you’re doing. We hope that this guide helps you out with your hunts. Happy Hunting!