How To Cancel Firestick App Subscriptions

There are plenty of subscriptions you can sign up for directly from the Firestick. But, to manage these subscriptions, you will have to go to the Amazon website. Even though you activated them on your Fire TV, you can’t deactivate them the same way. 


Some of these subscriptions can be easily canceled through Amazon. When you subscribe to an app on your Fire TV, you have to sign in first. This gives the provider the information they need. If you use Amazon billing to start that subscription, you will have to cancel that subscription on their website. 

In other words, you can’t go to the provider’s website to cancel that subscription. If you want to find out how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. We will show you a detailed guide on how to cancel your subscriptions. Just follow the simple steps and you will do it in no-time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve subscribed to channels or certain apps. So, let’s get right to it.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is go to the Amazon website. Log in to your account. Make sure it is the same one you use on your Fire TV. Then, go to “Account & Lists”. Here you can manage all the settings of your account. Billings included. 

Step 2

Go to the bottom of the screen. In “Memberships and Subscriptions” you will see two options. One is for channels and the other is for other subscriptions. If you’ve subscribed to channels on your Firestick like HBO, you will have to go there to cancel it. If you want to cancel another type of subscription, select the option under channels. Pick the one you need and open it. 

Step 3

At the top of the page, you will see the information about the payment method you used. On the bottom of the page is your subscription. In this particular example, there is an active subscription for the HBO channel. To cancel it, you will have to go to the bottom-right corner and select “Cancel Channel”. 

The same thing goes for canceling subscriptions.  Basically, you go to that option and confirm your decision. After that, Amazon will cancel your subscription. Now, if you want to cancel all the apps on your list, you will have to manually select them one by one. 

If you want more details about your payment history, you can get that information from the receipts in the top side of the page. From this page, you can manage your payment settings however you see fit. So, this is the page you are looking for. Especially if you want to cancel subscriptions you made on your Firestick. 


The only way to cancel the subscriptions you activated on your Fire TV, is via Amazon. You can’t cancel them the same way you activated them on your Firestick. This may seem inconvenient, but it is the only way. Now that you know how to do it, go ahead and try it out yourself.