How To Cancel Crunchyroll Membership On Xbox One

Crunchyroll started in 2016 as a video content streaming. The thing is that all its content is East Asia focused. To be more specific, it streams manga, anime, and drama Asian shows. Because of this, the service is only known by the manga or anime aficionados. You can watch Crunchyroll content from either your PC or gaming console.


According to Crunchyroll, the company has more than 35 million users worldwide. Yea, it is not that much, but ask yourself, how many people watch these kinds of shows? Not too many, and finding everything in one place is the most amazing feature that Crunchyroll has.

However, it might come the day that you do not want to use Crunchyroll services any longer. For example, you already saw all the episodes from your favorite anime, and you are not interested in other shows. Which means that you would not like to be charged for this service. Canceling your subscription is pretty simple, regardless of the platform that you are using. But truth be told, it is a little more complicated to cancel your Crunchyroll subscription from your Xbox console than from your PC. Let’s learn how to cancel your subscription from your Xbox One. 

Step 1

Click on your controller Xbox button, to open the Xbox’s menu and swing right to the settings section. It is the last icon on the far right. 

Step 2

Once you are in, head down and click where it says settings again. It is the second option from the top down. 

Step 3

Now, make sure that you are con your account settings section. If you are not, head to the top and choose it. 

You can change any aspect of your account here. But we are interested in managing your current subscriptions, specifically in your Crunchyroll subscription. For that head all the way down to the Payment and Billing option; click on it once you are there. 

Step 4

On the Payment and Billing section, you just have to click on the Order History option. It is the first option on the far left. It should open a Microsoft edge window as you click it. 

Step 5

You can manage all your subscriptions from this page. Just search for the service that you wish to cancel, in this case, you would like to cancel the Crunchyroll subscription. Once you find it, click on manage subscription options. 

Step 6

A new page will appear and you will see all your subscription again. But this time, find Crunchyroll service and click on the payment and billing section. It should be beneath the Crunchyroll logo. 

Step 7

Now, go to the right side of the screen and click on the turn off auto-renew. It will ask you two times if you really wish to cancel your subscription, and it will display the date that your service will expire. 

Bear in mind that there are no subscription refunds, which means if you wish to cancel yours, you must do it before the next billing cycle. Or you will be charged without necessity. If you ever want to renew it, you can do so as if you were subscribing for the first time.