How To Cancel Crunchyroll Itunes Subscription

If you are using an iPhone or iPad or any of iOS devices, it’s not a matter to worry when you have taken Crunchyroll subscription for iTunes. You can do this heading to the account page. Crunchyroll has made records by becoming one of the popular streaming channels across the globe. Why would one go for separate channels to watch videos, animes, and Asian broadcasts?  A Chromebook is understood as something difficult as rocket science.


But, on a deeper level, it is a laptop or tablet which runs in support of Linux based Chrome OS. This one is its operating system. If you need something to operate with multiple tasks, you need something like the Google Chrome browser. Most of its applications reside more in the cloud than on the machine itself. This gets its position across the globe at the top rank. You need to follow some instructions to change your profile picture on your Chrome book.

There are times when you need a subscription to experiment and explore the plethora of it. Sometimes the deal breaks your mind, and sometimes you feel bored after some time. If none of the cases mentioned here is yours and you still want to go on giving up the iTunes subscription, then here is the short tout to get this part of iOS devices done.

Steps to cancel Crunchyroll iTunes subscription in a nutshell

  1. To cancel on iPhone, you need a browser. For that, Safari works. The first step involves when you take a browser helps to click on the menu button in the top right corner of the screen. Tap the three white lines, and you are on the verge of reaching the next step.
  2. Secondly, hit the settings button in the top right part of the browser. You will find white gear there.
  3. On the third portion of the process, select premium memberships from the list.
  4. If your subscription is active, then it will come under the heading of “current Premium Memberships.”
  5. Hit the cancel button to get rid of the membership.
  6. You can repeat these steps if you want to cancel through iTunes.
  7. But the only thing that you need to do is log into iTunes and unsubscribe from VRV within iTunes.

If you want to cancel through PayPal

Apart from canceling the subscription within the VRV app or, you may choose PayPal to hitch the cancellation process.

  1. The first part involves logging into
  2. Get the last Ellation Inc charge and press hold to select the charge.
  3. When you watch that the charge information is being pulled up, you can select the “manage elation Inc payments.”
  4. Once you perform this option, you will be directed to a billing details window. In the status window, you will get both the active and cancel bit. Select Cancel to stop the subscription of Crunchyroll through PayPal.
  5. Hit yes to confirm your cancellation.
  6. On the billing details, you will get the message of your iTunes subscription for Crunchyroll has been canceled, and you will not be susceptible to pay future amounts.

Crunchyroll is climbing the ladder of success rampantly. The company has set records by publishing over 900 anime shows, 200 Asian dramas, and 50 manga titles. It crossed one million subscribers from the first year of its establishment.

To recognize the anime, the Crunchyroll Anime Awards has been given away and done with the phone, laptop, Mac, or Windows screen. Now it’s time for the big screen. If you want to streamline services on your TV, then you can send Crunchyroll content to your Chromecast device. This supports both the android and iOS devices.

For this, you need a Goggle Cast extension. Now, to install the app, all you have to do is update your Apple TV under settings. If you don’t see Crunchyroll, then you have to perform this part. Following this, you have to search for Crunchyroll in the Channel store. And then download the channel.

For most of the devices, you can watch Crunchyroll for free. But the only issue is that the quality of videos will be dipped down to 480p. If you want to watch it on Amazon Prime, you have 30 days in your hand to free trial Crunchyroll.

This spring anime season might allow the fans to win passes for all Twitch members. Crunchyroll is accelerating at the speed of light. It is recognized to have a large fan base over a small period. Now it is all easy to watch videos anytime and anywhere. All you need is internet connectivity.