How To Bulk Delete Unread Messages In Gmail

Having a Gmail account is very helpful in the internet world because the different platforms—social media applications, various kinds of software, and others more—require you to connect it to them. For instance, you’ll only be able to access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Canva, and such tools after you have already linked your email.


Indeed, this is an advantage because it allows you to monitor and become updated about these apps you connected to your Gmail; however, it entails quite a nuisance, which is the significant number of emails that slide in your inbox.

Most of it will probably be newsletters, promotions, and product advertisements that you might not want to receive, which, over time, creates a pile of unread messages in your inbox.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to keep them there forever. That will only eat up a lot of your storage, and so deleting them will be the optimal solution for you.

Manually deleting the individual emails might take you a long time, so you wouldn’t want to do that. Instead, you can try to delete all these messages at once in just a few clicks.

If you’re curious about how it’s done, just read this complete guide to learn everything you need to know thoroughly.

1. Go to Gmail and log in your account.

To begin, you must launch Gmail on your device then log in to your Google account.

2. Go to your inbox and type “is:unread” in the search bar.

Make sure your inbox window is visible on your screen. Then, type the words “is:unread” into the search field to filter your inbox and show only unread emails.

3. Mark the checkbox on the top-left part of your email list.

By clicking the box under the search bar, you can avoid the hassle of manually checking each email to select them because it will automatically select all unread messages in your Gmail account at once.

4. Click on “Select all conversations that match this search.”

Since Gmail only shows 50 emails per page, marking the checkbox will only select the unread messages displayed. To select all unread emails, including those not displayed on the screen, click on the “Select all conversations that match this search” button located at the top of your email list.

5. Click the trash bin icon among all the other options and select “OK” to confirm the changes.

Once you’ve selected all the unread emails, you wish to delete, select the trash icon on top of the email list on your inbox and directly beneath the search bar to move all unread messages to your Gmail account’s trash bin.

To make all the changes final, click on “OK” on the pop-up window that will show on your screen.

6. To empty your trash, select the “Empty bin now” option.

All your deleted emails will go directly to your trash and will stay there for 30 days before it gets permanently deleted. If you want to empty your bin without waiting for 30 days immediately, you may do so by selecting the “Empty bin now” option.

However, if you mistakenly deleted emails that you still want to keep, you can retrieve them by going to the bin in the left panel of the window. Scroll through them and choose the particular emails you want to recover, click the folder with an arrow facing right, then select “move to inbox” from the drop-down menu.

Organize Gmail by Deleting Unnecessary Files

When you’re bulk deleting unread messages, always note that you still have to be careful with it because what you’re deleting may not just include spam, newsletters, and other unnecessary emails but important ones too. Thus, make sure to review everything first before completely deleting it to avoid the permanent disappearance of files you may still need.

Nevertheless, deleting unread messages, spam, and newsletters is helpful to maintain a clean and organized Gmail account. This guide may not include everything you need to know about managing your Gmail, but this is a great starting point for you!