How To Build A Coop In Stardew Valley

Do you want to expand your farm to include poultry products? Did you know that you can raise dinosaurs in Stardew Valley? We’ll show you how. In this guide, we’ll let you know the basics and what you need to know about building a coop.


Stardew Valley is all about the farm life. And of course, no farm would be complete without chickens. Chickens give you eggs which you can sell or use for cooking. To have chickens you’ll need a Coop. Having chickens will give you a steady flow of income early on in the game. 

What is a Coop?

A Coop is a farm building where you can house poultry animals like Chickens and Ducks. As you upgrade your coop, it will be able to accommodate other animals like Rabbits, Void Chickens, Golden Chickens, and even Dinosaurs. You read that right. You can raise dinosaurs on your farm in Stardew Valley. What a time to be alive.

Why Do You Need a Coop?

Since it’s way cheaper than a Barn, saving up for a Coop should be one of your priorities when starting a new game. A regular coop can house up to 4 chickens. If you’ve gathered enough materials, you can upgrade your coop into a Big Coop and then a Deluxe Coop. Upgrading increases the animal capacity to 8 and 12, respectively. You’ll also be able to raise the other animals once you’ve upgraded your coop. 

On top of that, upgrading your coop unlocks some neat bonus features. A Big Coop comes with an Incubator, while a Deluxe Coop comes with both an incubator and an Auto-feed System. This means that you won’t have to spend your time manually feeding your animals. The Incubator, on the other hand, will allow you to hatch another chicken by placing an egg on top of it. So you don’t really have to buy another chicken. You can just buy one and use some of its eggs to hatch more chickens. 

Coops are your primary source of Eggs. You also get other products from the animals housed in it like Void Eggs, Golden Eggs, Dinosaur Eggs, Duck Eggs, Duck Feathers, Wool, and a Rabbit’s Foot. You get all these just by keeping these animals fed and loved. Think of it as a sort of low risk, high reward investment. 

How Do You Build a Coop?

Building a coop is simple. All you need to do is gather the required resources and ask Robin to build it for you. A Coop will cost 4,000g, 300 Wood, and 100 Stone. It’s next upgrade, a Big Coop, will cost 10,000g, 400 Wood, and 150 Stone. Last is the Deluxe Coop, which will cost you 20,000g, 500 Wood, and 200 Stone. 

It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll need a Silo if you intend to raise animals that need to be fed on your farm. You can also ask Robin to build you a silo for 100g, 100 Stone, 10 Clay, and 1 Copper Bar. Silos are where you’ll be storing your hay, which you’ll need to feed all farm animals. 

How Do I Make Money Using the Coop?

The primary reason why you’re building coops in the first place is so that you’ll have eggs. Every morning, your chickens will lay either a Brown Egg or a White Egg. The more your chickens like you, the bigger and more valuable the eggs they produce will be. Most animals you’ll raise in the coop will produce a variation of an egg, like the Void Egg or the Duck Egg. 

Rabbits cannot produce eggs and will only produce one wool every four days. If your friendship is maxed out, rabbits will produce a Rabbit’s Foot which you can sell for up to 1,130g. 

Once you’ve unlocked the Mayonnaise Machine, you can turn all your eggs into various kinds of Mayonnaise. There are four kinds of Mayonnaise you can make using this artisan equipment and all of them have different values:

  • Mayonnaise – sells for around 190g and 380g, depending on quality. Can be made using Eggs, Large Eggs, Ostrich Eggs, or Golden Eggs.
  • Duck Mayonnaise – sells for 375g. Can be made using Duck Eggs.
  • Void Mayonnaise  – sells for 275g. Can be made using Void Eggs.
  • Dinosaur Mayonnaise  – sells for 800g. Can be made using Dinosaur Eggs.

Useful Tips

  1. Make sure you use your incubator. All animals that lay eggs can be reproduced if you placed their eggs on the incubator. This includes Dinosaurs, Void Chickens, Ducks, Golden Chickens, and Ostriches.
  2. Chickens are the most profitable animals to raise in a coop. They produce an egg each day that can be sold for around 50g to 90g. 
  3. You’ll need to buy a Heater from Marnie to keep your animals warm during the Winter season. It’s sold for 2,000g.
  4. If you’ve saved enough money, you can also buy an Auto-Grabber from Marnie for 25,000g. This item automatically gathers the products that your animals produce so that it’ll free up your time to do other activities.
  5. Don’t be afraid to let your animals out of the coop. Just make sure that you leave the small hatch open so that they’ll be able to go back inside when night falls. Once they’re in, don’t forget to close it before you end the day.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about building a Coop in Stardew Valley. Have fun!