How To Blur The Background On A Google Meet

Do other people find your video feed on Meet distracting during your meetings? Although you can always turn off your camera, you also can blur your background or change it instead. Whether there are too many unnecessary details behind you, you can enable this feature on your video conferences on Meet.


Google Meet is one of the most popular video-conferencing services that help its users to connect with other people online. Although the platform is previously exclusive to G-Suite users, everyone with a Gmail account can now use it for free.

Initially, Google announced that Meet is free for everyone until September 30 only. But with Meet’s increasing popularity and the number of people that rely on it every day, the tech giant decides to extend its free availability until March of next year.

Aside from extending Meet for Gmail account users, Google also rolled out some improvements for free users to make their meetings even more productive. One of these new features allows you to blur the background and obscure unnecessary details from your video feed.

Although G-Suite and Enterprise users can already use this feature for quite some time, that’s not the case for everyone else. So if you’re curious about the background blur on Meet and you’re thinking of using it, follow our quick guide below.

How to blur your background on Meet

To lessen possible visual distractions from your end during a video conference, you can choose to blur your background. When you use this feature, it puts the camera focus on your face while obscuring some details in the rest of your video feed.

In addition, background blur works natively without any extensions on your web browser. While it runs smoothly with devices that meet its requirements, it is not available on the Android and iOS apps.

You can blur your background by changing your options in the self-view window before joining a meeting. On the other hand, you can also change it while during one. Follow our quick tutorial below to learn how to do both.

Before joining a meeting

Before you join a meeting, you can adjust some of your camera and audio options on your self-view. And with Meet’s recent update, you can now blur your background from the display as well.

  1. Open Google Meet on your web browser and start a meeting.
  2. At the bottom right part of your camera display, click Change background and select Blur your background.

    Alternatively, you can select the “Slight blur your background” option as well.
  3. Click Join.

Inside a meeting

Aside from enabling background blur before joining a video conference, you can also change its settings when you’re in a meeting. All you have to do is access the options and toggle the feature from there.

Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial below:

  1. At the bottom right of your Meet conference, click the three-dot button to access more options and select Change background.

  2. Click the “Blur your background” option.

While the background blur is useful in situations, it also has its downside. Turning this feature on may affect and slow down your device. That doesn’t sound good for computers that don’t have powerful specifications.

In any case, you can always turn it off through the options on your meeting or through the self-view display before you join one. Also, remember that you can’t change this setting for other users. This rule applies to admins and meeting moderators as well.


Thanks to Google Meet’s recent update, everyone can now blur their background on Google Meet. Although G-Suite accounts can use the feature before, it only became available to free users recently.

With background blur, users can conceal details in the background and allow the camera to focus on what’s important. So as long as you have the requirements to use background blur, you can toggle it from your self-view or meeting options any time you want.

While background blur is only available to meetings using web browsers, Google intends to roll out the feature on the Android and iOS versions of Meet. If you want to change things up, please remember that you can use pre-uploaded and custom pictures as your background at your meetings.

That’s all we have on how to blur your background in Google Meet. If you find our guide helpful, don’t forget to bookmark and visit our page for new tips, tricks, and tutorials.

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