How To Block Twitch Ads On Android Or Iphone

Twitch is a great way to watch your favorite game-related streams. For example, you can watch professional gamers plating your favorite titles, or you can keep up to date with the latest news about the gaming community. 


This is a free service, but if you really like a stream, you can subscribe to his or her channel. This way he or she will earn some money, and you will get some benefits as well such as special alerts, and emotes. 

But not everything is so good; do you know what everybody hates? Ads. No one likes their stream, music, or video to stop in the middle of the play. However, you must understand that there is no other way by which Twitch can generate money. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that ads are very annoying; let’s see how we can solve this problem when we are watching Twitch on the go from our smartphone. 

Pay for a Twitch subscription

This is the easiest way to prevent ads coming from Twitch itself. Nonetheless, Twitch partners still get paid when you watch a stream that has an ad. Just that this time you will not see it. 

Initially, Twitch’s prime subscription was more than enough to enjoy a free ad experience. Nowadays, you will not get a free ad experience if you don’t have a Twitch turbo subscription. This is the only one that offers, among other things, a free ad experience regardless if you are watching from the web browser or the app. 

Download an AdBlocker

AdBlockers come in handy when you need to block ads from the websites that you visit. However, these programs only work on browsers, not in apps. This means that if you want to use Twitch from your phone, you must log in with a browser that supports ad-blocking technology. Let’s check how the process is. 

For Android:

Step 1

Head to the play store and type AdGuard, and install it. Follow the on-screen instruction to set the app’s basic settings.

Step 2

The app will ask you to install a browser that supports it. For example, Yandex or Samsung Browsers. Choose the one you wish to install, and then get back to AdGuard.

Step 3

From the app, click on the Settings option an enable AdGuard content blocker. It is the option on the top. 

Step 4

You can customize your filters click on the three vertical bars that are on the top left corner. Then choose the first option from the top, and you can enable or disable many different filters. 


For iOS:

Just download the app and head to your phone settings. Click on Safari, swing down to the content blocker option, and enable AdGuard. 

Download a Third-Party app.

Some apps such as Pocket Plays for Twitch allow you to watch Twitch ad-free. It has other great features like chat while you watch the stream or a full-screen chat option. It is currently in its beta version. So expect to experience some minor errors while using it. 

These are all the options you have to watch Twitch without apps. The best one is always to pay for Twitch Turbo. Why? Well, the Twitch team is working forward to prevent people from using workarounds to avoid watching ads without paying. 

Beware of two things; there is no way to prevent ads on stream. These are made by the streamer, and can’t be controlled by either ad blocking alternative. The second thing is that some adblockers require payment to its use, so it could be better to pay for the subscription.