How To Block Streamers On Twitch

‘Can you block channels on Twitch? Can you stop certain streamers from appearing on your front page or the camgirls from showing? Can you control what recommended streams appear?’ All questions we at SwipeTips have been asked over the past few months and I think it’s high time we answered.


If you’re seeing all the wrong kinds of streams or streamers on your front page then you can block them. You can block particular streamers and you can stop particular channels or streams from appearing in your Recommended Streams feed. They need a little configuring but are otherwise very straightforward to set up.

When you first log into Twitch you will see a bunch of recommendations. This is partly random, partly partnered streams being promoted by Twitch and partly the results of an algorithm that assesses what you like to watch and tries to put relevant streams in front of you. This system works for some but not for others.

Controlling who or what you see on Twitch

There is no native way to block channels on Twitch. You can block users or the streamers themselves from within Twitch though. You can also remove recommendations, or change them at least from within Twitch. For blocking, you will need a browser extension or some GitHub code.

Blocking streams on Twitch

This Reddit post links to some working browser extensions that add a block function for Twitch. The extension can hide categories, games, channels, streams, tags and filter your followed channels. It’s a very clever piece of work and the author deserves credit for it.

The Chrome extension is here. The Firefox extension is here and the GitHub source code here.

The extensions work the same as any other browser addon. Add it to your browser, enable it and use it whenever you use Twitch. You should see a popup menu item appear when you hover over a Twitch stream. Select the ‘X’ to block the stream. Rinse and repeat for all the streams you want to block.

Using the GitHub resource achieves the same goal but will require you use Developer Mode in Chrome and use the unpacked extensions element from within the menu. It’s slightly more troublesome to set up but gives you more control over how the code works or the ability to modify it if code is your thing.

Blocking Users or Streamers in Twitch

Blocking users in Twitch is unfortunately necessary at times. It’s an open platform where anyone is free to join and behave however they like. It is up to the streamer to control their audience but there is always one who seems intent on spoiling the fun.

You can block users from the chat window in Twitch.

  1. Open a Twitch stream where the person you want to block us usually found.
  2. Select their username from the list to bring up their profile card.
  3. Select the three dot menu icon on that card and select Block ‘username’.
  4. Confirm the block.

You can also use the search function to find any Twitch user or streamer if you cannot see them in chat.

  1. Select the search box at the top of the main screen.
  2. Add their username and search.
  3. Select their profile when it appears in the search results.
  4. Select the cog icon in the new chat window that appears.
  5. Select Block ‘username’ and confirm your choice.

It should go without saying that where you see ‘username’ you will see the person’s name you want to block.

Block recommended streams

If you’re seeing completely irrelevant streams in your recommendations, you can somewhat control those. You can select ‘I am not interested in this recommendation’ and it should no longer appear in your recommendation queue. The app then learns and should show you less of that type of stream as well as blocking that specific stream.

  1. Identify a recommended stream you don’t want to see.
  2. Select the three dot icon to the right of the stream name.
  3. Select ‘I am not interested in this recommendation’.

That’s all there is to that one. Twitch says the app learns what you like and what you don’t and will gradually tweak the recommendations until you get only the streams you want to see.

Those are the ways I know of to block users, streams and streamers on Twitch. Do you know of any other ways that work? Any better browser extensions? Tell us about them below if you do!