How To Block Someone Using Mobile Discord

More people than I thought use Discord on their phones. Even if they aren’t gaming at the time, they will be logged into a server and chatting. I had no idea this was the case until I began covering Discord for SwipeTips. It then occurred to me that much of our coverage of apps like Discord was on PC and that things are subtle different on a phone, hence this tutorial on how to block someone using mobile Discord.


I’ll walk you through some of the more important features of the app on the phone so you can see how they differ and have as full a picture as possible about how to get the best out of Discord.

Blocking is just one of the options you have to hand to deal with annoying people on Discord. Blocking stops someone from being able to contact you using text or DM. If they use text instead of voice, you would block to shut them down.

There is also the mute and deafen setting that can also make life better on the app. Mute is something we all need to learn to use as it stops Discord hearing a single voice at your end. This can be very useful if you have a single user who over shares or who likes to leave their mic open while eating a bag of potato chips. They can talk as much as they like but you won’t hear a thing.

Deafen is where you can stop a particular person hearing your voice chat.

Block someone using Discord mobile

If you’re tired of seeing dumb or annoying messages from a particular member in Discord, just block them. It can be permanent or temporary and takes just a second to do. Blocking is performed in exactly the same way whether you use Android or iPhone.

  1. Open Discord on your phone as usual.
  2. Select the members list at the top of the app.
  3. Select their username in the app. You will be taken to their profile.
  4. Select the three dot menu icon in the top right.
  5. Select Block from the popup.
  6. Tap it to block the person.

Once blocked, they will still be visible in the server chat list but you won’t get to see any of their chats. They won’t be notified of the block but it will soon become obvious if they are addressing you directly as you will be ignoring them and/or just not responding.

If you want to unblock them, just repeat the above and select Unblock instead.

Mute someone using Discord mobile

Muting someone is just as straightforward as blocking them. Muting is for when you are using voice chat and not text. You essentially quieten a single user while still being able to hear everyone else.

  1. Select the members list at the top of the Discord app.
  2. Select their username to access the settings for that user.
  3. Toggle Mute to on.

Again, like blocking. This is on a per user basis so you will only mute this one user. If you want to undo this at any time, just repeat the above and Unmute instead.

Deafen someone using Discord on mobile

Deafen is an odd title for something that silences but there you go. Deafening means you stop an individual from hearing you in voice chat. It is mostly used for the power of good but is occasionally mishandled. The process is exactly the same as muting and you may already have seen the setting when setting mute above.

  1. Select the members list at the top of Discord.
  2. Select their username.
  3. Toggle Deafen to on.

Again, this is an individual setting to stop one specific member from hearing what you say. Once you have said what needed to be said, you can repeat the above and select it again to enable that person to hear you in voice chat.

Kick someone in Discord for mobile

Should those settings not be enough, you can kick server members in Discord if you have admin privileges. You must have server permissions to kick to be able to do it but the process is super-simple if you do.

  1. Select the members list at the top of Discord.
  2. Select their username.
  3. Select Kick from the user window and provide a reason if you want to.
  4. Select Kick again to remove them from the server.

A kick in Discord is the same as on other social apps. The user is removed from the server immediately but can come back whenever they like. If they have any sense, they will leave it a while before they do. If they don’t, they won’t.