How To Block Private Numbers On The Samsung Galaxy S10

Fed up with robocalls or telemarketers phoning you at all times of the day? Want to block those annoying callers who withhold their number? This tutorial is going to show you how to block robocallers and how to block private numbers on the Samsung Galaxy S10.


Private numbers are those from callers who withhold their number. Usually, the caller sends their phone number along with the call data and it shows on your phone. A simple setting at their end stops that call data being sent leaving you in the dark as to who is calling. Oftentimes it’s a telemarketer or robocall but occasionally it is someone who values privacy.

Blocking calls on the Samsung Galaxy S10

You cannot block private numbers specifically from within Android but you can block unknown callers and block numbers. There are apps that can block private numbers on the Samsung Galaxy S10 though which I’ll cover in a minute.

You can block unknown callers on Android with ease. The downside is that the setting can sometimes also block numbers not in your contacts list. There is an obvious downside to that if you often get called by clients, customers or other entities not set up on your phone. It works most of the time but I have used it myself and found a couple of frequent callers who aren’t in my contacts also got caught in the block.

To block unknown calls, do this:

  1. Open up the phone app on your Samsung Galaxy S10.
  2. Select the three dot menu icon and select Settings.
  3. Select Block Numbers under call settings.
  4. Toggle Block Unknown Callers to on.

From now on, any number that shows up as unknown will be blocked. Keep an eye on your recent caller list to make sure other numbers don’t get caught up in the setting.

There are other ways to cut down on spam calls. A couple you may not have thought of.

Do Not Call Registry

The national Do Not Call Registry is a mixed bag. It does stop a number of telemarketers and robocalls but it won’t stop them all. It’s worth registering your number on the website just to stop those few though, especially if you’re being bothered constantly by people you have no interest in talking to.

Carrier spam blocking

Another method for cutting down on marketing calls is to sign up to a spam blocking service from your carrier. They do charge for this privilege but it’s usually only $3 or so a month. T-Mobile has Scam Block, Verizon has Call Filter, Sprint has Premium Caller ID and other cell providers will have their own version of spam filtering. This could also minimize the amount of calls you get.

Apps that can block private numbers

This being Android, there are a bunch of apps out there that can help lower the number of spam calls and block private numbers altogether. Here are three apps worth checking out.

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is a free app that has a blacklist for filtering calls and the ability to block unknown and private numbers. It does allow legit callers from private numbers to leave voicemails but doesn’t ring the phone so you will see a notification rather than have to answer the call. It’s a neat app that works the majority of the time and has a powerful filtering system that works very well.

Call Blocker  from Vlad Lee

Call Blocker is another Android app that can block calls from private numbers as well as blacklist spammers and telemarketers. It works similarly to the built-in call blocker but adds a specific function for private numbers. It’s free and ad-supported, looks pretty good and works well enough.

Call Blocker from LiteWhite

Call Blocker from LiteWhite does much the same thing as Vlad Lee’s version but it looks different. It works much the same way too but has a clean white and green design. It can block private numbers, unknown numbers and create a whitelist and blacklist for calls. The app seems stable and works well. Calls are blocked, the ringer doesn’t sound and the call is recorded so you can check later.

There are a bunch of these apps on the Google Play Store. Not all of them have the ability to block calls from private numbers so be aware of what you’re getting before you download. All three of these apps will block private numbers. Look for the feature in the app description before you buy or install.

Do you know of any other ways to block spam callers or private numbers on the Samsung Galaxy S10? Tell us about them below if you do!