How To Block Facebook Friends On Bumble

Bumble is a quite new dating app, but it has nothing to fear from the competition. Why is that? Bumble has a unique feature that makes it stand for the rest. When two people match, which works in the same way as the rest of the dating apps, the one person that has to make the first move is the woman. Yes, the woman has the power to write first. Therefore, if she doesn’t want to write, the man can’t do anything. 


With this feature, some awkward conversations and harassment can be prevented. Obviously, it doesn’t entirely prevent it. But it surely has some impact on it. This encourages women to use this app above the rest, which makes Bumble prone to have more women than any other dating app. In return, more men join Bumble to have greater chances of finding a match. 

To create an account on Bumble, just head to and choose to create an account with either Facebook or another option.

The advantage of using Facebook is that your account will be set up automatically. You just have to choose some photos from Facebook to upload them to Bumble. If you choose another option, you must have a legit phone number. But either way, the process is equally easy. 

People are skeptical about creating a Bumble account with Facebook. Why? Well, not all people want their dating world to mix with their personal life. Besides, Bumble doesn’t offer a clear statement about whether they filter your Facebook friends or not. Therefore, there is no way of telling how many Facebook friends you will find in Bumble. However, they must have a Bumble account to be able to see your profile. 

Bumble claims that they gather some personal data to build up your profile quicker. They won’t post anything on your feed, so the only way that your Facebook friends could ever discover your profile is if they have a Bumble account. 

Sadly, there is no way to block someone from seeing your profile. In fact, you can only block people who you have already match. In other words, if you open a Bumble account with Facebook, and you came across a Facebook friend, there is no way of blocking him or her. You have to first match each other and then block him or her. 

To block another user, you need to go to the conversation that you have with that person and click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner. Then click on the block and report button.

You must answer some questions in regards to why you are blocking that user. Don’t worry; the other person won’t know why did you block him or her. 

Just a quick heads up, even if you open your Bumble account with your phone number, there is no way of preventing a Facebook friend from seeing your profile. Remember, the only way that they can see you is if they have an account of their own. So, don’t feel embarrassed by finding a Facebook friend on Bumble; they are doing the exact same thing!