How To Block @everyone On Discord

Blocking @everyone on Discord means putting an end to annoying mentions that cut through chat, distract in voice and clog up the text channel on some servers. The better run servers don’t allow @everyone mentions but those that do can suffer a little at the hands of overenthusiastic admins and users. If your channels are getting like this, you can block @everyone mentioned on Discord. This tutorial will show you how.


If you have used Discord for any length of time, you will already know that there is a huge variation in the quality of server and channel users and admins across the platform. Some servers run smoothly with free flowing chat and everyone gets along. Others are dens of immaturity, name calling, cussing and calling out for random stuff. Others seem to be full of 9 year olds sending out @everyone mentions saying the dumbest things imaginable. It is for visitors of those latter servers that I write this article.

You can disable @everyone mentions at the server or channel level. I’ll show you both.

Disable @everyone on a server

Disabling @everyone mentions at the server level will disable it across all your channels. This is the nuclear option but may be necessary to silence noisier communities.

In desktop:

  1. Select the server name and select Notification Settings from the menu.
  2. Toggle Supress @everyone and @here to on.
  3. Select Done.

In mobile:

  1. Select the three dots icon and then tap for Notifications.
  2. Scroll down to navigate Suppress @everyone and @here and toggle it to on.
  3. By tapping close it will automatically save the changes.

This will prevent users from sending @everyone mentions permanently. Or at least until they have learned their lesson and you can enable it again.

You can also remove the permission from certain roles if you want to keep the mentions option open for yours or your admin’s use. This is a more granular approach and may work better depending on your situation.

In desktop:

  1. Select your server name and select Sever Settings.
  2. Select Roles from the left and @everyone in the Roles pane.
  3. Scroll to the Mention Everyone permission on the right and toggle it off.

In mobile:

  1. Select the three dots icon and then choose the gear icon to access settings.
  2. Scroll down and click the Roles.
  3. Choose @everyone.
  4. Toggle “Allow anyone to @mention this role” to off.

This is a dynamic setting so there is no need to save your change. Now, all users in the @everyone role will no longer be able to send mentions to that group. Other roles will be able to though so this can offer a little more flexibility than blocking it altogether. You can of course make the same changes to other roles if you wish.

Disable @everyone on a channel

If you run a particular channel that has users who spam @everyone, you can revoke permission for just that channel. This is an even more granular control that can tame overeager users within a specific channel rather than across an entire server. It’s an extra option you can use if you need to.

In desktop:

  1. Select the gear icon next to the channel you want to modify.
  2. Select Permissions from the left menu.
  3. Scroll down in the right pane until you see Mention Everyone.
  4. Toggle that setting to off to disable.

In mobile:

  1. Long press on the selected Channel and then click Edit Channel in the pop-up window.
  2. Scroll down and then click Permissions.
  3. Select @everyone.
  4. Tap the “x” icon for [email protected],@here and All roles.

Again, this setting is dynamic so will automatically be enabled without having to save. This time it’s only @everyone mentioned within that single channel that will be affected. Other channels will still allow mentions until you change those too.

Managing a server community

Blocking @everyone mentions is one way of managing a community but it isn’t necessarily the best way. If you don’t have the time to police your channel, it may answer the problem for a while but you may be better off educating users and working with them.

Set a clear set of rules when entering. You could use an announcement channel or a predefined message with your channel or server rules. Add a specific rule about @everyone mentions and let users know that they are fine if used sparingly or when deemed important but spamming will result in being muted or kicked.

Use moderators or admin roles to help. Having server or channel admins or moderators around to pull people back into line is another good way of managing a community. A quiet word over DM is a good way of controlling users without making a huge issue out of it.

Use a moderator bot if you don’t have humans to help. Some moderator bots can intercept @everyone mentions or be programmed to delete them and mute spammers. They are a good way of policing your server or channels when you’re not around. If you’re not populated enough to require human moderators, a bot can fill the gap nicely.

There is nothing wrong with using @everyone mentions in the right situations. In fact, they can alert users to upcoming events, raids or other happenings and can offer real value. However, if you have a few spammers in your community, blocking them is one of a number of ways to control it. Use whatever method works best for you and your community.