How To Block A User On Bumble

Bumble is a platform where you can find friends, possible partners, and even expand your working network. It is fairly new, but its unique interface makes it stand from the rest of the dating/friendship apps. So, what makes Bumble special? Well, it first shows you people who are closest to you. Alternatively, you can use filters to shortlist all the possible candidates. Not impress for far? When two people are searching for a date, and they eventually match each one, they can start to chat through the app. 


Here is where Bumble is different. The woman is the one who has to make the first move. In other words, even if both people like each other, the woman has to send the first message. The app was designed this way you make women feel safe when engaging in a conversation. Also, this reduces the possible harassment that any woman could face. However, it doesn’t entirely stop it. Thus, you will need to know how to block any user that you don’t like to avoid any kind of awkward situation. So, let’s begin.

Step 1

First of all, you must find the user that you like to block. You can find it in the conversation section. 

Step 2

Once inside the chat, tap on the three vertical dots, which are on the top right corner of the massage room. 

Step 3

Now, you have to click on the block and report button; it is the last option in the drop-down menu (desktop version). 

Step 4

The next thing you have to do is choose the option that best suits your decision to block that person. Select it and hit the continue button, which is beneath all the options. 

Step 5

Write a little text about why did you choose to block that person and send it. Don’t worry; the letter is anonymous.

Step 6

After submission, you will no longer see the person that you have blocked in the conversation section. Now you are free to match any other person. 

Bear in mind that you should not block or report someone because you just don’t like him/her. You must have a legitimate reason. Otherwise, the other person could lose his/her account. Therefore, if you don’t like someone you have matched, and he/she didn’t harm you in any way, you should just unmatch him/her. The processes are the same, just that instead of clicking block and report, you should choose the unmatch option. This way, that person won’t be able to write to you again.

A quick suggestion; to avoid any awkward situation try to be more selective the next time when you are matching someone. Try to see his/her profile picture is legit. Often, people with fake accounts will have just one profile picture. If this is your case, run away and don’t engage in any type of conversation with that person. Another red flag is when his/her profile picture has more than one person. Try to avoid matching these profiles.