How To Block A Streamer On Twitch

Twitch is a popular platform. There are millions of active users who are on Twitch every day. Because of how many people use it, the good word spreads. That’s why the community only keeps on growing. Now, the good thing about being in a huge community is that you get to see new things every day.


Some may be more interesting than others. There is plenty of place for originality and creativity. But, the bad thing about being in a community such as this one is the negative people. There are plenty of users who like to insult others.

They share negative energy and bully the rest of the users. If there is a user that you don’t like, you can prevent them from messaging, hosting, or adding stuff on your profile. You can filter their messages and not see them in live chats. 

The way you can do that is by blocking them. You can block a user as you see fit. If you want to figure out how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. We will show you how you can block anyone you don’t like. 

All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you will get right to it. Let’s begin. 

Step 1

The first thing you should do is log into Twitch. Select any stream you want to watch. Now, on the right corner of the screen, you will see the chat window. Here people communicate all the time. What you want to do is find the person you want to block. That person could be anyone. If they use bad language, you can block them. To do that, click on their name. 

Step 2

Once you click on their name, this little window will pop up. Look for the three vertical dots. This is the button on the far right. Click on it. 

Step 3

Select the first option. Click on “Block” to block that exact person. 

Step 4

 Twitch will now ask you if you are sure you want to block this person. As you can see, if you block them, they won’t be able to add you as a friend. They won’t be able to send you a whisper either. To confirm your decision select the red button on the right. Click on “Block”. After you’ve selected this option, that person will be blocked. And they will remain blocked until you unblock them. 

That’s it! Now you know how to block anyone on Twitch. 


Blocking people on Twitch can make life easier. No more bullying, insults, or unnecessary drama. All you have to do is select that button and that person will be blocked in seconds. It is a very easy feature to access. You will quickly get the hang of it. It is convenient and you will use it all the time. 

So, now that you know how to block anyone on Twitch, go ahead and try it out yourself. Block the people you don’t want to hear from. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful.