How To Block A Contact On Zoom

Do you want to cut off all contact from a user on Zoom? Do you want to stop someone from messaging or calling you on the app? If that’s the case, you can use the block option on Zoom. We’ll cover the steps you need to know about blocking users on the app in our guide.


Zoom allows its users to add contacts for messaging purposes outside of meetings. Once you add someone as a contact, you can freely strike up conversations whenever you want.

However, there are situations where you might not want any kind of communication from one of your contacts. Whether you find the person annoying or disturbing, we all have different reasons to cut off people from the app.

Thankfully, Zoom allows its users to block contacts on the app. Here’s our detailed guide below.

How to block one of your Zoom contacts

If one of your contacts keeps bothering you on Zoom, you can block them from the app. When you block someone from the app, you won’t receive any messages or call requests from the person’s account.

You can block users whether you’re using Zoom from your phone or computer. Follow our quick guide tutorials below, and we’ll show you the steps to do so.

On your computer:

  1. Open the Zoom desktop app and sign in to your account.
  2. Click Contacts among the tabs at the top of your screen.

  3. Browse the “My Contacts” section on the left side of the app, hover your mouse pointer over one of your contacts, and click the three-dots icon.

  4. On the menu that appears, select the “Block contact” option.

  5. Once the pop-up window appears, select the “Block Contact” button to confirm your decision.

That’s how you block contacts on the Zoom desktop app. Blocked users won’t be able to message or contact you in any way on the app.

If you ever change your mind, navigate to Settings > Chat and manage your blocked users. From there, you can view and unblock contacts on your account.

On the Zoom mobile app:

  1. Tap “Contacts” at the bottom of the app and select the contact that you want to block.

  2. Tap the three-dots icon at the top right corner of the user’s profile page.
  3. On the options that appear on your screen, select “Block Contact.”

  4. Tap the Block option on the pop-up window to confirm your decision.

As we mentioned earlier, blocking prevents someone from contacting you on the app. You won’t receive messages, calls, and other requests from blocked users.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how to block someone on Zoom, you can prevent one of your contacts from messaging or calling you on the app. If you ever change your mind, you can always manage the list of blocked users and unblock the people from your account.

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