How To Beat Tigrex In Monster Hunter Rise

One of the scariest and most ferocious monsters you’ll ever come across makes a return in Monster Hunter Rise. The Tigrex has speed, power, and a whole lot of unchecked aggression. Think you can handle it? Here’s everything you need to know to beat this monster.



First introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the Tigrex is a monster that you’ll be glad doesn’t exist in real life. It’s a monster that literally lives to kill its prey. This flying wyvern is a force to reckon with. Its moves and attack patterns are brutal, leaving us to imagine what kind of demise its defeated foes have gone through. It’s easily one of the hardest monsters you’ll ever face in any Monster Hunter game. It doesn’t have any elemental affinity, but it makes up for it with utter power. I mean, this monster isn’t called “Absolute Power” for no reason. It really lives up to its name, Tigrex; a combination of Tiger and T-Rex. 

This monster makes its first appearance in a quest set in the Frost Islands. Of course, you’re tasked with hunting this fearsome monster. Tigrex’s movements and attack patterns get pretty predictable after a while but it’s sheer size and scale make it very hard to dodge. Out of all the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, the Tigrex is probably the most hostile and will attack you without any second thoughts. So how the heck will you beat this monstrosity?


Despite being an all around powerful monster, the Tigrex isn’t without weakness. All monsters have their weaknesses and it’s best for you to know them so that you can prepare properly, just like a real hunter would. The Tigrex doesn’t have any elemental affinity but it is very weak to Thunder and Dragon element damage. Melee weapons tend to do a bit more damage against the Tigrex which can be difficult since this monster can be a nightmare against melee users. Its Head, Foreleg, Tail, and Tail Base are the best spots to focus your attacks on. Doing damage to these parts can severely limit Tigrex’s mobility and will deal pretty significant damage. It’s tail can also be severed so cutting it off can drastically reduce the damage the Tigrex can do.  

As for ailments, Blast and Thunderblight are the most effective against Tigrex. Since it has no elemental affinity, all of the ailments can be somewhat useful and effective against this monster. 

Best Weapons to Use

All damage types can be effective against Tigrex. So if you’re unsure of what to use, just go with whichever neutral weapon you prefer that has the highest amount of raw damage. If we were to recommend a specific weapon of choice, we would go with the Sword and Shield. This set of weapons can be amazing and has the perfect blend of offense, defense, and mobility that will help you face off against a monster like the Tigrex. It has an excellent mix of combos that can both stun and deal tons of damage against it. The Insect Glaive would also be a solid choice since it allows you to be airborne and vault away to dodge attacks from the monster. However, we would still recommend using the Sword and Shield as the most effective weapon against the Tigrex.

Useful Tips

  1. Blunt weapons are great for stunning the Tigrex. However, these weapons tend to be slow so landing a solid hit can be difficult against a mobile monster like the Tigrex. The Sword and Shield can actually deal blunt weapon damage and even stun the monster, if you can pull off combos that lead to a Shield Bash on its head. 
  2. Tigrex does a lot of charging/lunging attacks. So it would be better for you to fight this monster through flanks. Try to get on its blind side and wait for moments in between its attack patterns to dish out your combos.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how you can beat Tigrex in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite video games. Have fun!