How To Beat Mizutsune In Monster Hunter Rise

Mizutsune is a returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise. This graceful Leviathan will enchant you with its elegance but will strike with all its fury when provoked. Here’s everything you need to know to beat this monster.



Making its first appearance in Monster Hunter Generations, this fan favorite monster has long been in the bucket list of fans hoping to see it in Monster Hunter Rise. Glad to see that Capcom didn’t disappoint. This monster looks right at home in the very oriental aesthetic of locales near Kamura village. Beneath all its beauty and grace, lies a fearsome creature waiting to strike unwitting hunters. Mizutsune isn’t a super difficult monster but it can still catch you off guard when unprepared.

Being a water elemental, it has an array of water based attacks that can inflict Waterblight, an ailment that can increase the rate at which your stamina depletes. It can spew a powerful stream of water from its mouth that can knock you on your feet. It also has an attack involving bubbles that can send you carting if you’re not careful. This monster is definitely one of the tougher mid-tier battles you’re gonna go up against. Despite all this, it can be surprisingly easy if you take the time to prepare and learn its behavior. For starters, it has a fairly predictable attack pattern; one that you would expect from a creature with an elongated body. It’s surprisingly agile for its size so it will definitely test your mettle as a hunter. So how can you beat this monster?


It might not look like it but the Mizutsune is surprisingly durable. It is actually a bit resistant to most damage types with ammo being a little more reliable but only on certain spots. It’s with monsters like this that you need to learn where their weak spots are so you know where to focus your attacks. The Mizutsune’s weak spots are its Dorsal Fin, Hind Leg, and Tail. Its Dorsal Fin is the most vulnerable part on it and dealing damage to it can significantly lower this monster’s health. Having an affinity for the Water element, this monster is naturally weak to Thunder element attacks. Dragon element can also work well against Mizutsune. 

As for ailments, Thunderblight and Blast are the most effective against it. If you have weapons or means to inflict these ailments, we suggest going for it as it will make it easier for you to beat this monster. Astonishingly, this monster is still somehow susceptible to Waterblight albeit with less efficiency.

Best Weapons to Use

Being a durable monster, not all weapons can be effective against Mizutsune. Although, if you’re unsure on what to use, you can always just go for whichever neutral weapon you’re comfortable using that has the highest amount of raw damage. For our personal choice, however, we would go with the Light Bowgun. Since it is a monster that appears on 5 star Village quests, you should already have access to the quest that allows you to hunt a Nargacuga. We would recommend going for the Light Bowgun from the Nargacuga Tree called the Hidden Eye. This string of weapons is arguably, one of the best LBGs in the game. Light Bowguns have seen a massive increase in power in Monster Hunter Rise being the weapon that can deal the most damage per second. Light Bowguns are great against the Mizutsune since it can allow you to strike from afar, dodge efficiently, and really focus on hitting its weak spots using all sorts of special ammo. 

Useful Tips

  1. Mizutsune is a nimble monster. It’s light on its feet and quick to react. It does leave a few openings in its attack patterns if you look closely. The most obvious being the moment right after it shoots a stream of water from its mouth. Right after it uses this attack, Mizutsune will take a second to recover and this will be the perfect opportunity for you to strike.
  2. You can cut off its tail. Being a Leviathan, a lot of Mizutsune’s attacks involve swinging its tail. By cutting it off, you are essentially taking away its ability to attack you with it while also increasing your rewards.
  3. Try to get to open areas. The worst place to find yourself in is between Mizutsune and a wall. This can lead to a Mizutsune pinning you down and leaving you vulnerable to its attacks. 

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how you can beat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite video games. Have fun!