How To Beat Khezu In Monster Hunter Rise

Khezu is one of the most interesting looking monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s been around the franchise for a while and bears a passing resemblance to, well, let’s just say a certain body part. This blind monster can seriously mess you up if you’re not careful. Here’s everything you need to know about it. 



Out of all the monsters you’ll see in Monster Hunter Rise, Khezu is probably the most disturbing. It’s completely blind and has a neck that can stretch for days. It also looks like a headless chicken, the kind you’ll see in the supermarket. It relies on it’s sense of smell to hunt its prey and can cover its body in electricity to electrocute targets that dare attack it. It’s not the fastest monster but it does move in quick short bursts that can catch you off guard if you’re not careful.So how exactly are you supposed to beat a monstrosity like this? Let’s take a look at it’s weaknesses.


Just because Khezu is blind doesn’t mean it won’t catch up to you. It can sense you wherever you are and will go after you without hesitation. While most weapons will do the trick against this monster, it’s more susceptible to cutting weapons and ammo damage. Fire elemental weapons can also do the trick.

Khezu’s weak points are its Head, Neck, and Torso. A good area to focus on would be its head since it’s a pretty sluggish monster, you can give it a few good hits on the head before you reposition. Khezu will sometimes shoot balls of electricity from its mouth that can cause Thunderblight so be sure to have some Nullberries with you when facing this monster. 

As for ailments, Poison is the most effective on Khezu. You can bring a couple of Poison Smoke Bombs to gradually whittle away Khezu’s health while hitting it with your weapon.

Best Weapon to Use

Khezu isn’t exactly the hardest monster you’ll face so any weapon with the highest raw damage you have should be enough to beat it. However, we would recommend using cutting weapons over blunt weapons and ammo damage since it is slightly more effective. Plus, Khezu is a good monster to practice your combos on. Long Swords and Dual Blades, in particular, should be great and fun to use against Khezu. If you wish to use a Long Sword, we would recommend using Iron Gospel from the Ore Tree. It has decent raw damage at 120 and has Green level sharpness. If you’d rather use Dual Blades, the Schirmscorn I from the Aknosom Tree would be great since it can also deal a bit of Fire elemental damage. Since Khezu can deal Thunderblight, it would also be of great help to you if you wore armor with Thunder resistance.

Useful Tips

  1. At some point in your battle, Khezu will cling to the top of a cave and try to attack you from there. It will extend its neck to deal damage and it’ll also spit on you with its saliva. Khezu’s spit can stun you so try to avoid getting hit by it. You can use a Sonic Bomb to get Khezu to drop back down while incapacitating it. 
  2. Khezu has one of the loudest roars in the game so it can definitely stun you if you’re too close and interrupt your combos. Try using equipment that can give you the Earplugs skill to mitigate the effects of its roar.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how you can beat Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite video games. Have fun!