How To Beat Goss Harag In Monster Hunter Rise

Goss Harag is one of the new monsters making their first appearance in Monster Hunter Rise. This ursine creature is a master of the icy tundra. Think you can handle it? Here’s everything you need to know to beat this monster.


Goss Harag

With every new game coming out in the franchise, it’s safe to say that the developers behind Monster Hunter aren’t running out of ideas when it comes to interesting monster designs. Goss Harag is the latest example in a series filled with rosters of awesome monsters. This bear-like fanged beast makes its home in the Frost Islands and comes up first in the quest, The Abominable Snow Beast. 

The Goss Harag is a challenging monster; far from a lumbering beast that its appearance suggests. It’s surprisingly nimble and can even instantly knock you out when caught in one of it’s moves. It can blast you with a freezing ray from its mouth that can inflict Iceblight and severely limit your movement. Using its icy breath, it can fashion blades made of pure ice on its arms that it will use to attack you. It can also jump up and slam the ground, sending a shockwave of rock and ice towards your direction. With all these dangerous moves, it’s pretty safe to assume that you can’t just coast through against a monster like the Goss Harag. So how do you beat it?


Looking at Goss Harag’s Physiology, you can tell that it’s a pretty durable monster. As such, it would be imperative for you to focus on hitting its weak spots to make the most out of your damage. All weapon types do pretty similar damage to Goss Harag so you’re free to use whichever weapon type you want. Since it is an Ice element monster, it is naturally weak to Fire element weapons. If you have solid choices for Fire weapons at this point in the game, now is the best time to bust them out since it would make your fight against Goss Harag easier. The Head, Ice Clump, and Foreleg are the best spots to focus your attacks on. Hitting these spots will maximize the damage you deal on the monster. In case you’re confused on where the Ice Clump might be, it’s in Goss Harag’s hands. The frozen bits on its paws that it uses to hit you are the Ice Clumps.

As for ailments, Fireblight is the way to go. Blast also works pretty well against Goss Harag. If you have weapons that can inflict these ailments, you’ll be better off using them in this fight. Goss Harag is resistant to Exhaust though so weapons of this nature won’t be effective.

Best Weapons to Use

All weapon damage types should be effective against the Goss Harag. When in doubt, just go with whichever neutral weapon you prefer with the highest amount of raw damage. Out of all the weapon types, we think that a bladed weapon would do fairly well against Goss Harag. If we were to give you a personal suggestion, we strongly suggest going for the Great Sword. This weapon may be slow but if you time your combos correctly, you can deal pretty massive damage with it. One of the best Fire element weapons you can get at this point in the game is the Flammenzahn I from the Anjanath weapon tree. A lot of speedrunners tend to favor this weapon as well purely because of its insane raw damage. Since the Goss Harag is an ice element monster, you should also probably wear Ice resistant armor just to help you lessen the damage you’ll take.

Useful Tips

  1. Goss Harag can inflict you with Iceblight. Be sure to pack a couple of Nullberries to remove this ailment or you can just use your wire bug to maneuver around and shake off the Iceblight
  2. This monster will enter an enraged state at some point in your battle. After a while, you’ll notice that it’s moveset is pretty predictable. Use this familiarity to your advantage and attack its weak spots or blind sides.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how you can beat Goss Harag in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite video games. Have fun!