How To Beat Byron And The Canalave Gym In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl

The Man with the Steel Body looks tougher than ever. Byron is the Sinnoh region’s foremost specialist when it comes to Steel type Pokémon. Here’s everything you need to know to beat him and the Canalave Gym.


Canalave Gym

Canalave City is a hub of trade and industry being home to a pier that facilitates trade in and out of the Sinnoh region. It is here where you can find the Canalave Library and the Ferry to Iron Island. Despite being a port, Canalave Gym actually specializes in Steel type Pokémon.

Once you enter the gym, you’ll notice that it has an industrial, technological aesthetic to it which is perfect for Steel type trainers. There’s a puzzle that revolves around floating platforms that you’ll use to get to the Gym Leader. It’s pretty straightforward although it may take a bit of trial and error. It’s also nearly impossible to not run into the trainers of this gym so it would be better to just straight up battle all of them to get a lot of EXP and some cash.

There are a total of 7 trainers in Canalave Gym that you can face before getting to Byron. Each of them carry mostly Steel or Rock type Pokémon.

Black Belt Ricky

  • Steelix Lv. 33

Worker Gary

  • Onix Lv. 31

Worker Jackson

  • Onix Lv. 28
  • Onix Lv. 28
  • Onix Lv. 28

Ace Trainer Cesar

  • Skorupi Lv. 30
  • Steelix Lv. 32

Worker Gerardo

  • Onix Lv. 29
  • Onix Lv. 29

Black Belt David

  • Onix Lv. 30
  • Steelix Lv. 32

Ace Trainer Breanna

  • Azumarill Lv. 33


Byron is Canalave City’s Gym Leader. Fun fact, he is actually the father of Oreburgh Gym Leader, Roark. And like his son, he is also considered an avid digger who has explored the Grand Underground. Byron carries a plethora of strong Steel type Pokémon. Here are the Pokémon he has with him when you challenge him for the first time:

  • Bronzor Lv. 36
  • Steelix Lv. 36
  • Bastiodon Lv. 39

While Byron is a Steel type specialist, he actually doesn’t have any pure Steel type Pokémon so his team can be vulnerable to weakness of their sub types. A general rule of thumb would be to carry a Fire Type Pokémon and a Fighting type Pokémon. Water type Pokémon would also work well but Water doesn’t exactly work well against Bronzor. If you chose Chimchar as your starter, it would probably be an Infernape at this point so just having it on your team can be enough to take this whole gym down. Piplup will also do well here since most of the gym trainers have Rock type Pokémon and two of Byron’s Pokémon are susceptible to Water. If you chose Turtwig, you might need to carry additional Pokémon to help you out against Byron. Ponyta and Machop are great Pokémon that you can easily obtain prior to making your way to Canalave City.

Mine Badge

As soon as you beat Byron, you’ll receive the Mine Badge. This raises the level of Pokémon that will obey you without question that you receive from trades. You’ll also be able to use the Hidden Move Strength outside of battle. Strength is a pretty useful HM that allows you to effortlessly move boulders that block your path. 

As an additional reward, Byron will give you the set of stickers he uses along with TM91 which contains the move Flash Cannon, a special Steel type move that can deal massive damage.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about how you can beat Byron and the Canalave Gym in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!