How To Beat Basarios In Monster Hunter Rise

Basarios is a monster that looks like a bunch of rocks with wings. It’s definitely one of the tankiest monsters you’ll face. Here’s everything you need to know about the Bellowing Boulder.



There are a lot of durable monsters you’ll face over the course of playing Monster Hunter Rise. However, none are as hard as Basarios. It’s literally made of hard rocks and boulders. It’s outer shell is so hard that it will immediately dull your sword’s sharpness when you hit it. During your battle, Basarios will shoot a stream of fire from its mouth, release poison or sleeping gas from its body, or belch out a volley of fire balls that can cause Fireblight. It will also check you with it’s hip and it’ll burrow into the ground to ram right at you. Despite all these moves, Basarios is slow and can be easily dealt with if you know what you’re doing.


Like we’ve mentioned before, cutting weapons can easily lose sharpness if you hit Basarios in the wrong spots. If your bladed weapon has a sharpness below Green, it will just bounce off and not deal any damage to this monster. If you insist on using a cutting weapon, make sure that the sharpness is Green or above. It can be useful for severing the tail of Basarios and it can deal heavy damage around the abdomen and leg. It’s weak against Dragon and Water element weapons so it would be helpful if you could use these types of weapons. At this point in the game, you probably won’t have much choices when it comes to Dragon weapons but you do have access to solid Water weapons. 

As for ailments, Sleep is very effective on Basarios. If you can manage to inflict this ailment through weapons or certain items, it could very well work in your favor. Blast and Waterblight can also be good as well.

Best Weapons to Use

The best weapon to use against Basarios are blunt weapons, specifically, Hammers. While cutting weapons can be useful for severing the tail, it can be difficult to land hits and manage your sharpness at the same time. Blunt weapons will take longer before it becomes dull and can deal pretty massive damage to Basarios. I mean it’s simply applying real world logic. You wouldn’t use a knife to smash a rock, would you? To smash a rock, you would ideally use a Hammer. So the same principle applies here when deciding what weapon to use against Basarios. Our personal suggestion would be the Five-Pronged Hammer I from the Bishaten Tree. This is a solid Hammer with good damage that can be relatively easy to acquire. Otherwise, you can use weapons from the Somnacanth Tree. Most weapons from this tree will have the Sleep ailment and would be really effective against Basarios. As for armor, just wear the best armor you have since this monster won’t really deal that much elemental damage. 

Useful Tips

  1. It’s hardened shell is impervious to most attacks so try to focus on it’s head or abdomen to deal damage.
  2. When hit with its fire attack, you can simply use wirebugs to maneuver away and shake it off or just do a few rolls on the ground.
  3. You’ll notice that some parts of Basarios’ body will heat up and glow red. This indicates that it is in its enraged state and these glowing parts would be softer and more vulnerable to attacks.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how you can beat Basarios in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite video games. Have fun!