How To Beat Almudron In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter never ceases to wow us with new and interesting monster designs in their games. One of the best new monsters to be introduced is the Almudron. This mud flinging, acid slinging monster is no joke and is one of the harder monsters you’ll have to face. Here’s everything you need to know to beat it.



Dubbed the Hermit of the Swamp, this Leviathan looks like a less elegant, dirtier, more aggressive counterpart of the graceful Mizutsune. Instead of bubbles this monster likes to use a more crude substance to attack its enemies: mud. Using mud, the Almudron likes to fashion pillars to disrupt your maneuverability, throw waves of tainted mud that can paralyze you, and make a huge, solid ball of mud that it will wield using its tail to smash into you. This monster lives in watery areas and will prefer to stay in them. It’s whole attack pattern revolves around massive areas of effect moves and just flinging a lot of mud everywhere to create obstructions. Despite looking like a dirty old beast, this monster demands your respect as its impressive speed and power can knock you out in one blow. So, how can you beat it?


As with all monsters, the key to beating the Almudron is knowing its weaknesses. Studying its attack pattern and getting to know its behavior is the first step but the most important step is understanding what it is weak to. Looking at its Physiology, Almudron appears to be weaker against cutting or bladed weapons. Blunt weapons can be pretty solid options as well. It is quite the durable monster so you may need to use elemental weapons it is weak to in order to beat it efficiently. Fire elemental weapons are the most effective against it as well as Ice elemental weapons. Since its elemental affinity is Water, it is resistant against this element as well as Dragon element damage. Its weak spots are its Head, Abdomen, Tail, and Tail Tip. It is worth noting that you can cut off the Almudron’s tail and doing so will severely limit its combat capabilities.

As for ailments, Fireblight is the most effective against it. Waterblight is surprisingly still somewhat viable on Almudron and Blast is ineffective altogether. Using weapons that can inflict these ailments can be detrimental to your success against this monster.

Best Weapons to Use

As we’ve mentioned before, cutting weapons are the most effective against the Almudron. If you’re unsure of which weapon to take, you can just use whatever neutral weapon you’re comfortable with that has the highest amount of raw damage. IF we could give a personal recommendation, we would go with the Dual Blades. Out of all the bladed weapons, the Dual Blades are the fastest and give you the most mobility. Mobility is very important against this monster since it has a lot of AoE attacks that can be hard to dodge if you’re using a heavy weapon that impairs your movements. The Dual Blades also have a lot of combos that can reach certain spots on the Almudron that other weapons won’t be able to hit. There’s also a solid choice of fire elemental weapons you can use from the Dual Blades, specifically under the Aknosom and Anjanath Tree. If Dual Blades aren’t your cup of tea, a weapon like the Switch Axe would also work great against the Almudron. 

Useful Tips

  1. The Almudron will often create pillars and platforms out of mud to disrupt your movements. Instead of letting it obstruct your path, make the most out of the situation by using these platforms to your advantage. You can use it as a launchpad, for example, to initiate aerial combos against the Almudron.
  2. Almudron’s Mud Ball can actually be broken if you hit it hard enough. You can focus your attacks on it to break it easily to prevent the Almudron from hitting you with it. Be careful though because being close enough to hit it means you are also close enough to be hit by it.
  3. Almudron’s mud can inflict Waterblight on you which can severely drain your stamina. This is a huge disadvantage as you use stamina to run and dodge. Not to mention, there are weapons that rely on stamina usage to be effective. To prevent this, bring a couple of Nullberries with you to remove the Waterblight.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how you can beat Almudron in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite video games. Have fun!