How To Automatically Save Your Twich Stream

How do I save all my live broadcasts on Twitch? Will all of them disappear after some time? These are some of the most common questions people ask the moment they join Twitch. Starting a streaming career can be a tricky thing to do if you don’t know Twitch. 


Fans love watching past recordings of cool live streams. Even when you are offline. Since the live recordings expire after a set amount of time you won’t be able to access them. Twitch will automatically delete them. This can be a problem, especially for newcomers. 

If you have some awesome streams you want to save, you can always enable the feature to keep them in your channel. Once you enable this feature, all broadcasts you create in the future will be automatically saved to your videos. 

So, that’s where this guide comes in. If you want to figure out how to automatically save all your Twitch streams, we will show you a couple of steps that will make your life easier. All you have to do is follow these simple steps, and you will do it in a couple of seconds. So, let’s begin. 

Step 1

Open your Twitch channel. On the top right corner, you can see a small arrow. The arrow you are looking for points downwards. Select that small arrow to open the main menu. 

Step 2

This menu has all of the good stuff. Here you can check your inventory, settings, friends, and more. What you are looking for is in the “Dashboard” menu. Open it.

Step 3

Scroll through all the options on the left menu and select “Settings”. 

Step 4

 What you need is in “Stream Preferences”. More precisely, the “Stream Key”. Here, you should check the “Store Past Broadcasts” feature. To do that simply select the empty square and wait for the checkmark to appear. Once you have enabled it, the platform will automatically save all the streams for 14 days. For Turbo, Partners, and Prime Twitch users, the streams will stay saved for 60 days. 

Step 5

To see the videos, go back to your channel. To do that, select the small arrow again in the top-right corner and select “Channel”. Go to your videos. Now, if there are some videos you want to save permanently, you will have to highlight them. But, all the videos that are automatically saved, will be in your channel in the video section. 

You can save entire broadcasts or save sections from the broadcasts. It is completely up to you. That’s all. Now that you have enabled this feature, all your streams will be automatically saved in your channel for a specific time. 


Even though Twitch removes live streams, it is still possible to save them. What you need is to know where to look. There are plenty of features you can experiment with on Twitch. With this guide, you have cleared out one of those features. Now, you will never lose the broadcast you love. In fact, you can even save it permanently.