How To Add Tags On Bumble

Bumble is a hugely popular dating app at present. Though it is identified moreover as an app for the feminists (as it allows females to take the initial move), but it has user base irrespective of genders.


However, getting successful in Bumble is not as easy. Specifically, people struggle to add tags on their profiles. In this context, given below are some handy tips on how to get tags on Bumble, those are quite proven.

Optimize photos

It’s said that the images convey what thousands of words do. This is the reason photos are given so much importance on Bumble.  It is essential to make sure that the photos are of good resolution. Using low-resolution photos is like a sin. Yes, adding more group photos can be a smart idea of getting the tags. But, make sure that the images are centrally located. This is important because the dating platform Bumble crops the images. It is always advised to showcase your passion or the areas of your interest in the form of images. Adding meaningful activities are always helpful in getting tags.

Be a verified user; it’s easy

While struggling to get tags, it is always recommended to go for verifying the account. Authentication of the profile is crucial from safety perspectives as well. Specifically, the image verification feature provided by Bumble should be taken seriously. To get the tags, it is important to ensure about this authentication or verification. It is here to note that Bumble is not like Twitter; here the feature of verification is available for all users.

Interestingly Bumble makes the verification process super cool. All that it needs is to take selfies in different gestures. Once these match with the available photos verification can be easily got.

Add a professional background and other useful details:

One must add the basic details into the profile. Specifically, the detail regarding professional past should be clearly mentioned over there. Same is the case about the educational background as well. All these things are obvious to drag more number of links. As it helps in finding the mutual connectivity, getting Bumble tag can be made look easier.

It’s not just about putting details over there. One must be equally concerned about updating those in regular intervals as well. In fact, not updating things on-time is pretty equivalent to that of adding no update at all.

Link other key profiles to Bumble

Creating better paths for tags, it would be a better strategy to link the hot social media platforms like Instagram. One may link all other renowned options as well. Being specific, Spotify is a must recommendation. This is because these platforms do certain activities with (like Spotify finding the artists you like) profile. Naturally, the scopes off getting tags significantly grow.

Talking about Instagram, it can be useful in terms of showing the most updated snaps. These strategies help in boosting the connectivity level. Naturally, this enhances the possibilities of getting tags. Specifically, it holds the ability to boost exposure. These are quite proven methods as well. All that you need to ensure is that the profiles you are linking are the genuine profiles; not the fakes or spams. There should be nothing controversial or politically motivated.  Getting a good number of tags is very much achievable upon keeping the profiles up to date.

Optimizing the Bumble Bio the best way:

Having a bio is important to be a Bumble user. Bios help in making your profile get the desired views on the targeted zones. Hence, Bumble bio needs to be efficiently written. It should be crisp, uniquely written, and informative as well. In short, the bio should be able in fetching immediate attention and interest. The profile should be able in being quickly gone through.  Along with the genuine CV details, one should put the key details like hobbies and passions as well. Don’t put something for the sake of it. Rather, discover the most genuine you and detail about the same in the catchiest fashion.  But, whatever written should be a hundred percent true; this is a must.

Don’t be freaky; know the usefulness of Super Swipe

People often get excited and swipe right to everyone they come across. Some even do this in the pursuit of getting more tags. Unfortunately, this desperate strategy doesn’t really work. As it has been already said; no matter what, being genuine should be given the utmost prominence. It is here to note that such desperate people are rather given the least exposure. Naturally, the tags also get lesser. Moreover, not just the present; this bad impression remains for a longer while.

Not just swiping right; deliberately or randomly swiping profiles left is also not recommended. This is quite irrelevant, childish, and freaky and creates a bad impression.

Yes, one should definitely miss the unique feature called Super Swipe. The purpose of it is to convey that you actually like or interested in a specific profile. It is here to note that the chances get doubled to get matches through Super Swipe in comparison to a genuine one. Though it’s a paid facility, but one should see its worth and make the most of.