How To Add Stickers To Telegram

If you want to find out how to add stickers to Telegram, you’ve come to the right place! Telegram stickers are awesome fun and can help you get your point across during chats. Learn how you can get more stickers for Telegram in this guide!


To add stickers to Telegram, all you have to do is download the sticker pack from the online source. If you want to create your own stickers, you can visit to get in touch with Telegram’s Stickers Bot.

How to Add Your Own Telegram Stickers

Telegram allows you to add your own stickers through its Stickers Bot. By uploading your own images, you can create sticker packs centered around a theme, a collection of memes made stickers, or maybe just a bunch of pictures of your friends for your private Telegram group chat.

Whatever you need your Telegram stickers for, here’s how you can add your own Telegram Stickers.

Step 1. Open your web browser on any platform and go to

Step 2. Click on the “Send Message” option. This will bring you to your Telegram app, into a conversation with Stickers Bot.

Step 3. You will then see this message, prompting you to select what you want to do:

The commands are as follows:

  • /newpack: lets you create a new sticker pack
  • /addsticker: lets you add new stickers to an existing sticker pack
  • /delsticker: lets you remove a sticker from an existing sticker pack
  • /ordersticker: lets you reorder stickers in a pack
  • /stats: get stats for a sticker in a particular sticker pack
  • /top: get the top stickers on Telegram
  • /packstats: get stats for a particular sticker pack
  • /packtop: get the top sticker packs
  • /cancel: cancels your current operation, bringing you back to the start

Step 4. For this tutorial, we’ll be adding a new sticker pack. Type in:


Step 5. The bot will now ask you to input a new name for your sticker pack, so choose a name that fits the theme of your sticker pack.

Step 6. You will then be asked by the bot to send the stickers in PNG format.

Step 7. Ensure your stickers are in a 512×512 transparent PNG format before uploading.

Step 8. Drag and drop (or upload as a file) your stickers into the conversation.

Step 9. When the upload is done, Telegram will ask you to name the sticker. Make sure you enter a short name with no spaces.

And there you go – you just uploaded your stickers in your first sticker pack! And it’s super easy to share with your friends, too. All they have to do is read the following section!

How to Save a Telegram Sticker

So you saw a sticker a friend sent you, and you want to download it for yourself? Here’s how to save a Telegram Sticker:

Step 1. Right click the sticker you want to copy. On mobile, tap the sticker once.

Step 2. Click / tap “Add Stickers.”

Step 3. You can now browse the entire sticker pack. To save it, press “Add Stickers.”

Step 4. Press the smiley icon on the right side of the text box to view your stickers.

Step 5. Start using your new stickers!

How to Download Stickers for Telegram

There are a lot of safe websites where you can download Telegram stickers for free. These websites provide many curated Telegram sticker sets and sticker packs that you can download, completely free of charge.

Here are some of the best websites for Telegram Stickers:

1. Telegram Sticker Directory

The Telegram Sticker Directory is Telegram’s official sticker resource. You can search thousands of user-uploaded stickers and animated stickers. To download them, just click on the icon.

2. Telegram Stickers Catalogue

The Telegram Stickers Catalogue by is the world’s largest Telegram sticker catalog. It has over 650,000 user-made sticker packs that are all free to download.

3. is a catalog of public Telegram channels for every community under the sun, as well as for Telegram stickers. They don’t have as much as the first two, but their collection is still very well-curated.

4. is another curated Telegram Sticker collection. Anyone can download the sticker packs here, all uploaded by users and curated by the site admins.

Wrap Up

To wrap this up, here’s a rundown of how you can add stickers to Telegram:

  1. Download stickers through any of the resources provided in the third section. You will have to download them from sources outside of Telegram, but the sites provided have been tested secure and safe.
  2. Add stickers sent to you by friends by using the Add Sticker function, as detailed in the second section. You can tap or right click on the sticker to save it to your sticker packs collection.
  3. Add your own stickers through the Telegram Sticker Bot, as outlined in the first section. Make sure all your stickers are sized 512×512 and in a transparent PNG format.

We hope this guide helps you add stickers to your Telegram sticker pack collection! Enjoy your chats with colorful, personalized stickers!