How To Add Pictures To Notion

Notion is a very complicated tool to use because of its wide array of features and tools you can use to make managing data a lot more creative. This is also one of the reasons why a lot of beginning users find it very confusing and quite difficult to navigate.


As there’s really so much you can do with it, instances where we don’t know how a specific thing works already become inevitable. Thus, if you’re one of the Notion beginners, I’m telling you now that it’s first important to know about the basic elements you can use in the said platform.

Once you start to learn more about it, I can pretty much bet that you’ll just find yourself becoming more comfortable with using the app without even realizing it. To help you with this journey, let me start by teaching you one of the basics — uploading images to your Notion page.

This can be a lot helpful with saving illustrations or keeping notes about a topic that involves a lot of pictures! Now, let’s begin with the discussion

1. Open Notion on your device.

The important thing for you to do is to first launch your Notion application on your device. It’s much better if you have the downloaded version of it; otherwise, you can simply log in to your account in a new tab.

2. Type in “/” on your keyboard to view the commands.

This is actually the shortcut method of not only adding an image to Notion but also accessing the other commands or things you can insert in Notion.

To clarify things for you, simply type in “/”, plus what you’re planning to insert in your page — in this case, “image.” Therefore, it should be typed in this way: /image, similar to what’s shown in the picture.

However, if you want to know a long way, simply look for the plus (+) button on your page, select it, and browse through all the commands until you can see what you’re looking for.

3. Select “Image.”

After typing in “/image” on the space provided on your page, an option that says “Image” will immediately appear. Click that first so you can begin choosing the specific picture you want to add to Notion.

4. Choose how you wish to insert the image to your Notion page.

There are two ways for you to insert an image to Notion — directly uploading it from your computer or through copying the link of your image. Thus, it’s up to you how you want to do it but when you choose the former option, you should have already saved the image you need on your computer.

If ever that’s now the case, then copy the URL or link of the image you want to put on your Notion page and paste it on the space provided.

5. Check if it was uploaded successfully.

For the final step, what you just have to do is check if what’s shown on your page is the correct photo. Also, check whether the picture is still in good quality because there’s still a chance that it might have been ruined during the upload process.

Make Notion Fun with Images

Pretty easy, right? It doesn’t even require you more than 5 clicks on your device to complete everything! Rather than plain text or files on your page, the addition of images can really help you make a uniquely creative Notion sheet. Thus, always keep this guide in mind and move your Notion management to the next level with the utilization of such elements and others things useful.