How To Add New Channels To Amazon Firestick

The Amazon Firestick device is the main competitor of Google’s ChromeCast. It is a device that allows you to stream videos, music, use apps, and play a game with your TV. It is like transforming your boring TV into a smart TV. 


To use it, you will need a TV that has at least one HDMI input port. There you will plug the device, and it is ready to set the configurations that you like. Some apps and channels are free, and you can install them whenever you want. But others require some sort of payment, which can ever be a one-time payment or a monthly subscription.

Because your necessities are different from the others, your app and channel preferences are different from the rest. In fact, these are the only customizable items, and options, that the Firestick has. So it is important for you to know-how to install and use them. 

Step 1

Be sure that your TV is on, the device is plugged, and it is connected to the internet. 

Step 2

Search for the channel that you wish to add or install. You have three options for that matter. You can either search for it by clicking on the magnifying glass, which is the first option and typing the channel’s name or the content that it streams. 

Swing right until you find the App option. It is at the end of the top menu.

Or you can choose the channel directly from the home screen. Head down, and you will see some sections with channel suggestions.

Either way, you have you select the channel that you want to add and click on it.

Step 3

After clicking on the channel that you want, you have to select the “Get” option. Beneath that option, you will whether or not the app is free. 

Step 4

After the channel is completely downloaded, you can use it. Head to the “Your apps and channels” option, which is on the home screen of your Firestick device. 

Step 5

Depending on the number of apps that you have installed, you may not be able to see it there. So, swing until the end of that section, and click on the “see all” option; click it.

If you want to see this channel on the home screen, just press the options button on your remote, and click on the pin to front option. Now, you will see it in the “Your apps and channels” section.

That is all, as you can see it is very easy to download channels to your Firestick device. Sometimes, the most difficult part is finding the app itself. From there, it is a straightforward process. 


The same process applies if you want to install an app or game on your Firestick device. Bear in mind that it has limited storage. So you won’t be able to have too many apps, channels, and games at the same time. However, depending on the device, you can save some of them on the Amazon cloud service.