How To Add More Sheets Into A Google Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet having only a single sheet to contain various sorts of data may appear disorganized or in disarray, and can possible confuse the people who will be seeing it. Therefore, to improve and make data organization better for you, it’s best to utilize different sheets in a single spreadsheet to categorize them accordingly.


This doesn’t only allow you to easily locate whatever you’re looking for, but also makes all the data very accessible because you were able to compile them—in an organized manner—into a single sheet. Google Slides is a popular tool used by different individuals for data management and so, knowing how to work with multiple sheets is one of the things important for you to learn when using it.

Here’s a guide that can help you gain an understanding of it the best way.

Adding More Sheets Using the Menu Bar

There are actually two ways for you to add sheets in Google Slides, but this first one I’ll be discussing isn’t really often utilized. Nevertheless, this might be essential for you in case of a malfunction or the platform acting up.

1. Open the document you’d like to edit.

Scroll through all your existing spreadsheets and among them, open the one you’re actually working on. Once you have access to everything inside, there’s actually less for you to think about.

2. Simply select “Insert” and click the “New sheets” option.

On the menu bar, you’ll find different tabs such as File, Edit, Insert, Format, and such. We’re only interested in one thing: Insert tab; therefore, make sure that’s the option you click. Then, scroll down from among all the options shown and click on “New sheet.” It will automatically be added right next to the sheet you’re in.

Easier Way of Adding Sheets

This method of adding sheets is the shortest and easiest way of doing it because it can be done with just a single click. Here’s how to do it:

1. Click the plus (+) button on the lower-left part of your screen.

Below your screen, look to the lower-left corner of your spreadsheet and search for the plus (sign). Once you’ve spotted it, just click it and a new sheet will automatically be added to your spreadsheet.

2. Repeat until you’ve added enough sheets you will need.

If you need to add more than a single sheet, just repeat clicking the plus button until you’ve achieved the number of sheets you’d need for organizing all your data. At the bottom part of your screen, you can see the number of sheets you have as well as the names for each.

Now, it’s better for you to rename each sheet so that it would be easier for you to distinguish one from the other and quickly locate the sheet you’ll be editing. Simply double-click its current sheet name and it will then allow you to rename it. Make sure to do it for every sheet you’ve added.


Multiple sheets can be quite difficult to manage at first and can actually be quite confusing, but the more you expose yourself to working with multiple sheets in Google Slides, things will get easier for you as time goes by. That is a phase everyone could inevitably experience at first. Still, that’s better than not being able to organize data in the best way one can actually do!