How To Add Icons And Emojis In Notion Notes

Notion is a known project management tool that helps with keeping notes and essential data in an organized manner. It has a lot of elements you can utilize which makes it quite complicated to get used to, but the great thing about it is that it brings out your creative side and lets you play with your Notion pages in many different ways.


You can add a whole calendar to your pages, create a to-do list, and manage your schedules the most detailed way you can in Notion because it has this feature that allows you to insert images, video links, and files to any page. And if you want to make it look extra fun and interesting, you can also add emojis and icons — it can help you remember things easily.

To know about using emojis and icons the best way, here’s the perfect guide you can check.

Adding Icons in a New Notion Page

When you’re just about to create a new page, you can immediately add icons or emojis to it, even in the headlines or titles. To know how it’s done, here’s the step-by-step tutorial.

1. Open Notion and add a new page.

On the panel at the left side of your screen, you can access the panel. On the upper-right part of the names of your existing pages, you should see a plus sign which is the button for adding a new page. However, you can simply hover your cursor on your existing pages until the “+” button on the top-right shows.

2. Select your preferred type of page.

After creating a new page, you can choose whether to create an “Empty with icon” page or simply the empty one.

If you choose the page with an icon, a random emoji will immediately appear above the title space. You’re still allowed to change it if you didn’t like the icon that was shown.

However, if you pick an empty page, you’ll be the one to add the icon you prefer.

3. Pick what to use among all the icons shown.

Simply browse through the emojis that are offered in Notion and select the one you want. You may pick one that’s closely related to the topic or title of your page so that it’s easy for you to distinguish your pages from the others.

Tools to Use for Importing Icons to Notion

Since the emojis and icons offered in Notion are very limited, you can simply import as many icons as you can from selected tools available. The following are some of the tools you can use to add more icons to Notion:


Simply go to their site,, and scroll through all the icons they have. You have a lot to choose from and can import more than one from everything offered by simply selecting the “copy” button below the icons.

To complete the import process to Notion, open the app and go to the page you want to add the icon to. Once you’re there, click the icon you want to change, select “link”, and paste the copied URL there. Also, make sure to submit once you’re done.

2. Flaticon

This is another useful tool you can use for adding unique and new icons to Notion. Unlike the process of importing icons from, it will be a bit different here because you first have to download the icon as an image and add it to Notion. As shown below, simply click the download button on your chosen icon in Flaticon.

After the download has finished, go back to Notion and select “Upload an Image” upon clicking the icon. Then, choose to upload the icon you downloaded.

Here’s how it should look after the upload:

Make Your Notion Look Playful and Fun

With the addition of cute and colorful icons, working on organizing your tasks would surely be a lot more exciting. Representing your page tasks or topics with symbols is very effective when it comes to remembering all the things you’ve indicated. For example, you could put a barbell icon to represent your page for your workout schedule. Also, it makes navigating through Notion a lot easier for you because you won’t need to go through the trouble of clicking each page to check its content when looking for something.

With this guide about the process and tools you need for adding unique icons to your Notion page, there’s nothing more you have to look for!