How To Add Groupme To Your Apple Watch

WristMe is quite a handy app. It works hand-in-hand with GroupMe. You can quickly reply to your GroupMe messages. You can like them or send emojis. To use the app, you will need a GroupMe account. If you want to know how to set up the app, you’ve come to the right place. 


But first, you will need to pair your iPhone with the Apple Watch. Before you can set up the app, make sure your iPhone is up to date. Next, connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi. Download the app and all the latest updates. 

Then, turn on your Bluetooth and place the iPhone next to your Apple Watch. They need to be close to each other during the entire process. With that out of the way, we can now begin to set up WristMe on the Apple watch.  

Step 1

To set up WristMe, open the app on your iPhone and Apple watch. Then, tap on “Get Started” on your iPhone. 

Step 2

From here, just log in to GroupMe with your email or phone number and type your password. 

Step 3

The app will ask you to verify your account. Enter your PIN in the empty section. When you are done, click on “Verify”. Once you do it, the Setup will be complete. Click on the “Sign in” option. 

Step 4

All of your conversations will begin to load on your Apple watch. It can take a couple of seconds. While you wait, you can rate the app on your phone if you want to.

Step 5

Now, all of your conversations have successfully loaded. You can scroll through all the messages you have. If you want to open a certain message, go ahead. Click on the message you want to see. Once you’ve clicked on a conversation, all the messages from that conversation will load pretty quickly. 

That’s it! Now you’ve successfully set up the WristMe app on your Apple Watch.

Step 6

If you want to reply to a message, just scroll to the end. You will see a “Reply” button at the end of the message screen. Click on it. There are different options you can use to reply to a message. You can use the keyboard to type the message. Or, you can click on the mic icon. With this option, you can dictate the message and click on “Done” when you are ready to send it. 

When you send a message on your Apple Watch, it will automatically refresh the entire conversation. You can also “like” a message. Just click on the message and tap on the “Like” or “Unlike” button.  


Setting up WristMe on your Apple Watch is much easier than it seems. Just follow the simple steps and you will do it in no-time. You can send messages and drop a like if you want. It is a pretty convenient app to have on your Apple Watch. 

Now that you know how to set it up, go ahead and try it out yourself. Let us know if you found this guide helpful in the comment section below.